north africa

  1. SealTheRealDeal

    Rommel goes east, Model goes south

    Similar to another switcheroo I did a couple months back What are the consequences of the two German generals who spent much of their time feuding with their staff and leading from the front switching theatres?
  2. Challenge/What If: Christianity Revival/Comeback In The Middle East and North Africa During The Modern Era

    Is it realistically possible for Christianity to become more mainstream and more common in North Africa and the Middle East again by the time of the modern era? What would have to happen for it to occur? Can a native Middle Eastern government pull it off on its own? Does this require European...
  3. Hitler's Nazi Germany Focuses on North Africa and the Middle East Instead of Stalin's USSR

    Instead of doing Operation Barbarossa, what if Hitler instead decides to focus on invading North Africa and working with Italy. In this scenario, Hitler would try to seize Egypt and the Middle East to cut off the British in the Mediterranean and seize vital oil supplies. Without invading the...
  4. Spain Focuses on North Africa, the Middle East, and the Ottomans Instead of Europe

    Instead of putting so much money and resources in getting involved with European conflicts (probably means not getting into a union with the Habsburgs), what if Spain (during the 16th, 17th, ... centuries) decides to not be so involved with Europe and instead focus its energies in North Africa...
  5. GameBawesome

    AHC: Moors establishes a Country(s) in Africa

    Challenge: After the expulsion of the Moors in 1492 or Moriscos in 1609, from Iberia, have them take over a portion of land, and establish a new Emirate, Sultanate, or Kingdom (or multiple) in North Africa or the Sahara.
  6. Spanish North Africa instead of New World Colonization

    For this scenario, I would like to know anyone's thoughts on Spain devoting their resources (military, economic, food) to colonizing North Africa instead of the New World. This is part of a larger scenario I'm working on where the Spanish have a merchant and trading relationship with the New...
  7. Is Jewish North Africa possible in a TL without Islam?

    Recently, I read about the Berber warrior queen Dihya, and it made me think about a Jewish North Africa, specifically in a timeline where a figure like her wouldn't have to fend of Muslim invaders, as those have been butterflied away earlier. Granted the historicity of her Jewishness is...
  8. The roman Empire Collapses during the crisis of the third century

    So i have been working on this timelime for some time now. it is not finished, and i would like to get feedback. i forgot exact years and details, iv'e got that writen somewhere, but here is the basic things: the picts unite and become maritime, colonizing the north sea shore. rome does not...
  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: Different Juba Conference in 1947, Sudan split between Egypt and Uganda?

    IOTL, the Juba Conference of 1947 was organized between British colonial officials and Sudanese separatist delegates for negotiating the future of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. It was decided that the ethnically diverse region would break off from the empire as a single state. This situation might...
  10. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Berberized Al-Andalus

    When and how can we insert a strong Berber cultural, political, and religious component into Al-Andalus, after its conquest by Islamic forces? Perhaps through a more successful spread of the Berber Revolt of the 740's into Iberia? What would be the effects of a less Arab, more Berber Al-Andalus...
  11. AHC/PC/WI survival of the muslim Sicily.

    How could arab Sicily survive the meddle ages and maybe even to the modern times? What sort of butterflies would this set in europe and the arab world?
  12. WI: Zaydi Maghreb?

    A number of Zaydi dynasties such as the Idrisids and the Hammudids were present in the westernmost parts of the Dar-al-Islam. What if Zaydism had become the largest denomination of Islam in the Maghreb? How would this affect the relations between North Africa and the rest of the Islamic world?
  13. Alternate evolution of the crusades.

    Imagine with a Byzantine victory at Manzikert or some other POD that keeps the empire strong in anatolia past the 11th century , is the concept of the crusade still likely to materialise? If yes, then when, and where might it strike? Still the Levant? Perhaps North Africa given its proximity...
  14. GauchoBadger

    WI: No Almohads

    So, suppose that the Almohad Caliphate never manages to conquer North Africa out of the Atlas Mountains, maybe by being defeated by the Almoravids at Marrakech. What happens next? The Almoravids are still in decline by this period. How does the lack of the Almohads affect the Iberian reconquista?
  15. Historyman 14

    DBWI: A Successful 1969 Libyan coup d'état.

    In 1969, a group of rebel military officers led by Muammar Gaddafi launched a coup d'état against King Idri. However, this obviously failed, the Free Officers Movement purge as the military loyal to the King fought back, and Gaddafi was executed. But if the coup was successful, what would become...
  16. GauchoBadger

    A French Sudan?

    Is it possible for the french, with a PoD after 1848 and before 1900, to acquire the Sudan region, and possibly an outlet to the Red Sea? I'm under the impression that they were not able to colonise Egypt due to Britain's vested interest in controlling communications with India, but i still...
  17. GauchoBadger

    WI: Hafsid Malta

    What if the Hafsid Dynasty (13th-16th centuries) of Tunisia had succeeded in capturing the island of Malta in 1429? Can they embark in further conquests across the mediterranean? How much wealth can Malta provide to the Hafsids?
  18. WI General Vandegrift sent to China instead of Stiwell

    Today I was watching a documentary on the war in the pacific and it was mentioned that Vandergrift was a general gifted at training troops and planing good operations, he also served in China between the wars. So if Vandegrift is sent instead of vinegar joe (say he is left in charge of the north...
  19. ajdb0614

    DBWI: Marshal Petain collaborated with the Nazis

    OTL, after the fall of Paris Philippe Petain (as he confessed in his Autobiography - The Lion of Africa) briefly considered joining the Vichy collaborators in the hope that it would minimize suffering on part of the French populace. But as we all know, Marshal Petain decided that he would rather...
  20. SavoyTruffle

    Effects of North Africa remaining Christian?

    Let's say for one reason or another that Islam does not expand into North Africa. What effects would this have on history? Would North Africa remain in the Mediterranean/"European" cultural sphere?