State structures and new world colonisation in a mauro roman north Africa (Maghreb).

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The Dihya revolt is somehow successful, and the Maghreb west of Tripoli remains in the Christian sphere of influence, repelling the Arabs throughout the next millennia.

How would the state structures of the Maghreb develop, what would the interactions between the rural clans and the urban population be, and in what states and regions would North African countries coalesce?

Assuming world history doesn't change too much, how would the state structures in the region deal with the Renaissance? the discovery of the new world? and what countries will take part in it?

{ Note: What would Africa be called? and would its border change?}

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It would probably just be 2-3 states, one Carthage centered and the other centered somewhere in the west of modern Algeria i.e. Altava, Portus Magnus (Oran), maybe Caesarea (Cherchell). Both will be Berber dominated in the same way Europe was dominated by Germanic tribes.

The real defining factor is going to be relation between state power and hinterland tribes, just like it was under Carthage, the Romans, and later the Arabs. The hinterland tribes generally resist state authority, although periodically might co-opt it. Since they're fairly nomadic, they are difficult to tax and control, but ultimately can be coerced by a strong enough ruler. I'd expect it to be fairly decentralised like Spain or Italy, but probably not enough to bring about independent city-state republics.

I'd expect Mauretania ("Martain?") in the west to be often hostile to the Carthage-based state, but perhaps just as often at peace if Mauretania aims at expansion to the north in Spain.
If Maghreb isn't conquered then Spain isn't which has butterflies effect. Anyways I think the coastal regions would be a part of a state which would focus more on trade and the inland region would be populated by nomads who periodically make raids.
Carthage isn't a part of this new states as it was under Roman rule and was then conquered by the Arabs