1. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Fascist Italy?

    OTL, Luigi Sturzo is remembered as a hero of Europe, much like Churchill or, to a lesser extent Stalin. He was Prime Minister of Italy during WW2 and the lead up. Sturzo's government helped the Allies quite handily in the south against Turkey , who was aiming to reconquer the middle east and...
  2. AHC: Hitler and Mussolini born in the same state

    My state (Rio Grande do Sul,Brazil) is famous for the great porcentual of immigration of Germans(from Germany and Austria) and Italians(here having regions of city that the large population descending from immigrants of this countries). This raised me some ideas from write my first timeline...
  3. Rattus

    Keeping Italy Liberal | No Mussolini Discussion

    So, Liberal Italy, before Mussolini, is something which really only came to an end due to Mussolini. Despite the impact of the Biennio Rosso (actually perhaps partly because of it) socialism never seemed to have the support to topple Italy's political structure - somewhat interesting considering...
  4. Ulyanovsk

    WI: Italian Revolution during the “Bienno Rosso”

    In OTL, the Bienno Rosso (Two Red Years) was a short period of intense political and social unrest in Italy in which the left and right clashed all over the north and center of the peninsula. This led to sharp repression of the revolutionary left and the rise of the Blackshirt fascists and...
  5. SpaceOrbisGaming

    What if Italy joined France and the Allies

    What would world war 2 look like with Italy now sided with the Allies? Does the war end sooner?
  6. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    Successor to Mussolini

    Let's say that at some point after he's taken over Italy and made people used to life under fascism, that the duce is served some under cooked *insert animal commonly used in Italian cuisine here* and ends up going to fascist heaven as a result, who would succeed Mussolini, and how would his...
  7. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL
    Threadmarks: The Footprint of Mussolini - Opening Chapter

    Hey all, never made a TL before, hope this goes over decently enough. Obviously, don't consider any of the statements in the extracts here to neccessarily be similar to my actual political beliefs. Also forgive me by moving quickly through WW2 since I want to focus much more on the Cold War and...
  8. Would Fascism still take root in Europe if there was no Mussolini?

    Let's say that at some point before his rise to power, Mussolini either dies, gets captured, or just remains a communist, preventing fascism to take root in Italy. Would the ideology still exist in some form and become popular? What nations would be affected and how?
  9. What if Mussolini sided with the allies? Would fascism be portrayed in a better light than nazism?

    What would have happened if Mussolini decided not to follow Hitler's genocidal ideals and sided with the allies or just stood neutral in WW2? Would the fascist ideals still be around?
  10. An earlier Italian Social Republic

    What if the 1922 March on Rome by Mussolini and the Blackshirts escalated into a full on Coup detat/Civil war, leading to Mussolini ousting the Italian royal family and forming the Italian Social Republic earlier?
  11. jhuro

    Could Mussolini have redeemed himself?

    I've always had a fascination with both Mussolini and Fascist Italy because unlike say Hitler and Nazi Germany, Italy is more ridiculed rather than despised, and Mussolini is often portrayed as a buffoon rather than evil. But it wasn't always this way for Mussolini. Although he was always...
  12. English Nationalist

    Political Strategies of Mussolini

    I'm just trying to understand the strategies of Mussolini for an essay of which I am struggling to get my head around. Not sure if this is the right place for it but I have seen similar posts before. Any good sources about Mussolini in general would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Happers

    Italian Empire's Offical Name Under Mussolini

    It's been discussed here plenty of times if Mussolini won and how he could have won. So I'm not here to ask about that. If Mussolini did win though, ideally rejects Hitler as he did seen him as a clown and a barbarian no different then the Germanic peoples of Roman times. Let's say he's able...
  14. WI: Mussolini overthrown in 1941 or 1942, before invasion of Sicily?

    What if Mussolini was deposed much earlier than OTL, any time from July 1941 to December 1942? Would the Italian Fascist government collapse and if so, would there be a German invasion? If so, would said German invasion restore Mussolini or replace him (formally or de facto) with a different...
  15. Rise of Facism - Surviving Dolfuss TL

    Chapter I In Austria, Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss established one-party dictatorship modeled after Mussolini's Italy. He banned all the other parties including communists and social democrats. The latter ones fearing of chancellor's dictatorship started a Civil War in February 1934, after...
  16. Joshuapooleanox

    AHC: Mussolini's Mare Nostrum

    How far could Mussolini's Fascist Italy go in his so called dream of Mare Nostrum, or the conquest of a Neo-Roman Empire along the shores of the Mediterranean? In conquests, and if you want longevity of the conquests. Most likely in the areas of North Africa, the Middle East, Balkans and if...
  17. John_Smith

    The Promise of a Clean Regime | An Independent State of Croatia TL
    Threadmarks: I.I | You Don't Know My Mind - April 6, 1941

    "What do I do now?" the old man asked himself. His face bore heavy traces of sweat, making it glisten under the compartment's dim light. He adjusted his glasses with a shaky hand. With his mind racing, he had already forgotten the names of two men that left him to his thoughts barely two minutes...
  18. Akai

    AHC: Italy goes to war with Germany in 1934

    So I read reading about how Mussolini and Hitler nearly went to war over a Nazi attempted coup in Austria at the time. What would have taken for it to happen and what would've been the consequences? Would the French try and join in on it?
  19. Whiteshore

    Fascist Italy survives: Who succeeds Mussolini?

    Considering there are many threads discussing succession in a victorious Third Reich, I'd ask a different question for a change: In a scenario where Fascist Italy survives WW2, who would succeed Benito Mussolini as leader of Fascist Italy and why? Scenario A: Fascist Italy survives by virtue of...
  20. GauchoBadger

    WI: neutral Italy in WW2

    Suppose that Mussolini has a stroke or is assassinated somewhere around 1939, before the Battle of France. Italo Balbo or someone else becomes duce, and commits to keeping Italy out of war, noticing the poor performance Italy had in WWI. What are the effects on a neutral Italy in WW2? Will the...