Library of Alexandria's Worlda Patches: A thread

Alright, so someone asked me to set up a thread for these here, instead of on DA, where they can find them easier. And, well, there haven't really been enough worldas here lately, so I thought I would!

Apologies if this clogs the server a bit, there are quite a few images here, but they are fairly small (most only being a handful of bytes), so I'm not too worried.

For those wondering about the colours I use, well, that's part of a proprietary colour scheme that isn't quite going public yet-- you'll have to wait for that to be finished in ten million years.
Eyalet of Egypt's expansion, Tuaregs, Senussiya 1888, Morocco in 1880, Eyalet of Algeria 1710-1792 [OUTDATED], Banu Khalids late 18th
Egyptian Eyalet.png
Tuareg Tribes.png
Note: this is the modern Tuareg distribution

Morocco 1880s.png
Note: this is Morocco in 1880.

Eyalet of Algeria.png
Banu Khalid late 17th.png
Note: this is the Banu Khalid Emirate in the late 1700s.
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