1. ThatOneAlbertanMapper

    The Fascist Poland uprising (and flag I designed)

    Poland was freed from the Warsaw Pact finally, but that was not enough for many angry citizens. Who's to say communism won't rise in Poland again? Who's to say Russia won't invade them for leaving? The Polish now have a strong desire to go farther to the right, and more want to get revenge on...
  2. PolishMagnet

    Weekly Flag Challenge #281 Voting

    FLAG CHALLENGE #281: Anniversary Create a flag marking the anniversary of a country's founding (like the Canada 150 flag). Please vote for the entry you like best.
  3. 钢铁雄心KR里面的左翼意识形态标志是否欠缺了对农业劳动者的团结

    在欧洲国家,工团主义的主导权基于这些国家的发达的物质与经济社会的发展、在亚洲、在很多不发达国家、某种程度上情况更不一样。 另外 KR是不是无视了一些中国地区的工人的发展、与俄罗斯革命时期的华工力量的存在?
  4. Poll for Flag Challenge Number 247: A Return to Truth

    FLAG CHALLENGE #246: A Return to Truth Description: Make a flag showing a extremist religious/political group. It can be of any ideology/religion/political group, just as long as they are fundamentalist in their doctrine/implementation.
  5. GameBawesome

    Would've CSA change their national flag to the Battle flag post-victory?

    (Disclaimer: I do not support racism in any form. This is merely a hypothetically question. Be respectful, and don't say any racial slurs or ideas.) A popular misconception in the modern day is that this flag was the national flag used by the Confederate States of America: This was not the...
  6. Mini Flag Icons Thread

    I would like to create little flag icons that we can use for whatever. I want to start out with modern day, and then maybe we can work our way back through time. We can also do countries that aren't actually countries or aren't recognized (i.e revolutionaries like ISIS or ones in Libya.). Final...
  7. Xanthoc

    Weekly Flag Challenge #236 - POLL

    FLAG CHALLENGE #236 - Vexillum Monstrum Make a flag belonging to a nation run by monsters! We might be passed Halloween, but that doesn't mean the Spookiness has to end! November 11th is just October 42nd, after all. The nation in question can be something classic, like a vampire kingdom or a...
  8. Starforce

    Flag Thread V

    The previous flag thread, listed here is dangerously closed to hitting the 500 page limit. I have created this one to function as the next flag thread when that time comes. The previous flag thread is linked here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/flag-thread-iv.310936/ Long live...
  9. WI: America retained the Grand Union Flag

    Following the Declaration of Independence, the United States did not initially use the Stars and Stripes design we know today, and instead used a design known as the Grand Union Flag: What if, for whatever reason, the Continental Congress decided to retain this flag? What would be the...
  10. [POLL] Angolan Alternate Flag

    Is the AH book I'm currently finishing to write and illustrate the Angolan Civil War and with a peace treaty in the early 90's and Jonas Savimbi wins the first democratic elections. A new flag is adopted is adopted, but Im still not able do decide how it looks. Here are my proposal: #1 #2...
  11. Marc Pasquin

    What if all countries had to use flags with canton and stripes ?

    In the tradition of other thread regarding all nations using the same style of flags, What if all countries had to use flags with canton and stripes ? I'm talking here about the US, Greece, Uruguay and others. To get things started, here is the C&S flag of the Kingdom of France. The canton...
  12. Xanthoc

    Weekly Flag Challenge #183 POLL

  13. Flag, map and country challenge

    If I had to say a list of things that this forum loves it would be: Flags, Maps, countries graphics Logos Infoboxes and political parties So I challenge you to create a country and give it atleast 1 other thing on that list. You can even write up a mini history for it.
  14. myygz

    Flag of Japanese Australia

    In this world it was Japanese immigrants found Australian continent, then "Minamishu"(Japanese: 南州, State in South) became part of Japanese Empire. Elements taken from Australian national flag. In this flag, there's rising sun flag in the corner, there's also a mon of Oda.
  15. The National Flag of Romania

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The national flag of Romania (Romanian: drapelul României) is a tricolor with vertical stripes, beginning from the flagpole: blue, yellow and red. It has a width-length ratio of 2:3. The Constitution of Romania provides that "The flag of Romania is...
  16. Flag of an independent Bengal?

    There were talks of an independent Bengal, comprising of OTL Bangladesh and the Indian provinces of Assam and West Bengal (the former would most likely breakaway and form their own country). I can't see the OTL Bangladeshi flag being used so what would an independent Bengal flag look like?
  17. T-Mag 3004

    Flag & Dynasty of an independent Norway pre-1500?

    Another Norway thread? yes, this time though, I'll travel to pre-1500 territory and assume Norway has become independent. Now there's been threads about Norway being independent in this period, but i wanna know what their flag and dynasty, as it seems like that's never mentioned. The POD is...
  18. Xanthoc

    Weekly Flag Challenge #177 POLL

  19. Xanthoc

    Weekly Flag Challenge #175 POLL

  20. Kaiser_Jaeger

    The Lion and the Eagle

    A home for my timeline "The Lion and the Eagle"