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  • 20th Anniversary of the Republic of Quebec

    Votes: 11 44.0%
  • 60th Anniversary of the Republic of Alta California

    Votes: 4 16.0%
  • 100th Anniversary of South Sudan

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • Centennial of the Antarctic Revolutionary Commonwealth

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FLAG CHALLENGE #281: Anniversary

Create a flag marking the anniversary of a country's founding (like the Canada 150 flag).

Please vote for the entry you like best.

Entry 1 said:
Entry for weekly flag challenge #281

Flag made to Celebrate the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Quebec (1995-2015)

- The flag background is a call back to the Carillion Banner which would lead to the creation of the current flag of Quebec.
- in the center is a circle composed of 20 fleur-de-lys to symbolise the 20th anniversary
- The upright fist represents the struggle to gain independence as well as the continous struggle of all citizen to ensure a prosperous future for the republic.


Entry 2 said:
Entry for Flag Challenge #281

Special flag made for two coinciding events in Alta California on August 12th, 1908:

The 60th anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Republic of Alta California in 1848; and on that same day the creation of the final states from the Federally Administered Territories and dissolution of that body.

- white background and red star from the national flag
- blue band representing the Pacific Ocean
- green band representing the forests and agriculture of the west
- light brown band representing the interior deserts
- dark brown band for the various mountain ranges
- two steel grey bands representing the railroads that opened up the country
- a ring of 60 items, 1 for each year, 59 gold nuggets for the original gold rush and 1 beehive for the Mormon settlers


Alta California national flag:


Made in my Balabce of Power ATL.

Entry 3 said:
100th Anniversary Flag of South Sudan

The banner flew alongside the national flag during South Sudan's centenary celebrations in 2111.

The Centennial of the Antarctic Revolutionary Commonwealths


Behold! The centennial celebratory flag for the Antarctic Revolutionary Commonwealths in my Power Without Knowledge TL! A century into the first successful Cosmicist experiment has seen the rise of a new force within the Antarctic Cosmicist Party, the Maximalist Fraction, determined to complete the work of transitioning the Cosmicist International into a true world government, expanding the space colonies into self-sustaining territories, and finally shattering the exhausted remnants of the Arctic Council to the north. To the dismay of the Nihilist powers the flag itself is unsubtle about these ambitions, prominently featuring the octopus that serves as the symbol of both the Cosmintern and the Maximalists and blatantly displaying the Cosmicist model of the solar system, complete with an Earth all decked out in burgundy. The ARC motto lends the flag an extra edge of either hopeful promise or implied malice, depending on which alliance you happen to be subject to.
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