1. AHC: Wank The Land Yacht

    For a long time, the American auto industry was dominated by very large sedans, wagons, and coupes with pushrod V8s, rear wheel drive, and a body on frame construction, so pretty much a truck without a bed or ground clearance. There were points where the designs got rather comical, such as the...
  2. DBWI: Ford Never Revived their Edsel Division of Motor Cars?

    Today Edsel is one of the most successful American Automobile Brands and is synonymous with the Ford Motor Company itself. Most Americans drivers have owned at least one during their lifetime. It’s hard to imagine a world where the roads, streets, and highways did not feature this particular...
  3. Whiteshore

    AHC: No high-speed rail

    With a POD after 1900, come up with a scenario where high-speed rail is something that is the domain of science fiction and prototypes which don't get into production as opposed to the situation in our world where high speed rail is something which crisscrosses large parts of Europe and Asia.
  4. Bytor

    How to keep trains as popular in North America as they are in Europe

    The title mostly says it all. That both countries in their populated areas have inter-city passenger rail networks as dense as France and Germany have at the same time. Like east of 100°W in the USA, the Pacific Coast, southern Ontario, southern Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, plus...
  5. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    Automotive WI: Toyota buys Fiat SpA, which contains Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Lancia, circa 1980s or [c.] 1990s - this means "Fix it again, Toyota"

    Well let me put that this hypothetically-speaking automotive WI here, then I would rather showcase this thread with links to check out: === The precursors/prequels to this thread...
  6. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    WI: Probably circa 1970s - Toyota buys Citroen, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Chrysler Europe, and Honda until the latter marque went bankrupt

    Well let me put that this hypothetically-speaking alternate business history here, then I would rather showcase this thread with links to check out: === The precursor/prequel to this thread...
  7. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    WI: Ford buys the Rover Company, Saab, and Nissan - Patrol maker later acquires Kawasaki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru until the latter went bankrupt

    Well, let me put that hypothetically and historically-speaking alternate corporate scenario, circa 1950-1960s or c. 1970-1980s, this way here... And here are the invitees of this thread: @Fuzzy Dunlop @Dr Dee @PNWKing @Rfl23 @Peg Leg Pom @AdA At first, the Ford Motor Company (FMC) had itself...
  8. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    Automotive WI: Hyundai Motor Group acquires MG Rover, Saab, De Tomaso, Hispano-Suiza, Bentley, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lotus, Mini, and Rolls-Royce

    So, let me put that circa 2000s-2010s hypothetically alternate history this way here, for sure @Fuzzy Dunlop, @NOMISYRRUC, @The History Man, @TheMann, @Peg Leg Pom, @Dan1988, and as well as @Rfl23, @Heathswalkingstick might ever keep themselves woke just to see this: At first, the Hyundai...
  9. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    WI: Nissan without Infiniti and Renault, 300ZX maker buys Kawasaki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Isuzu until the last three, plus Subaru, gone dead

    I think if Nissan would avoid that kind of mishap they did [by establishing Infiniti and merging into Renault's umbrella] since many decades ago, about circa 1980s and [c.] 1990s... Then, in order to prevent itself [Nissan] from facing a corporate disaster, Nissan - which already owns Subaru -...
  10. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    Automotive WI: Toyota without Lexus, PSA Peugeot-Citroen merges with the Corolla maker by gaining benefit from the French marque's underpinnings

    I am not an American or Canadian here, but here is a thread I would post it for anybody. So, there are some ideas why, as something of a prologue: Both Toyota, Peugeot, and Citroen are deeply notable in the Euro-centric World Rally Championship (WRC) for its performances, with both Toyota and...
  11. DBWI: British Automobile Industry Collapses

    So on my way home, I had the joy of being behind a small convoy of tractor trailers. A bit annoying due to the lights, but it got me thinking when I noticed they mostly had the Leyland crests: what if the British car and truck industry went the way of several European countries' automotive...
  12. WI: Chrysler not Bailed Out in 1979?

    In 1979, Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca, requested a bailout from the United States. Congress approved this and President Jimmy Carter signed off on it. The company was able to repay the loan and began to improve. However, there were those that opposed the bailout. One of them being Ronald Reagan...
  13. Gukpard

    Trams, not cars.

    This is São Paulo, the largest city on Latim america in the early 50s. I cannot say for the whole world, but I know that until the 50s it was very common for the main cities in the world, be Berlin, London, Paris or Armsterdan to have tram lines all over the place. In Brazil it was even a...
  14. The Corvette goes Mid Engine in the 80’s.

    With the C8, becoming a mid engine car for its next generation. This have brought up the question of what if the Vette had went mid engine in the 80’s? How would a low cost (under 100,000 for most models) mid engine super car effect the world.
  15. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Have the Commonwealth drive on the right.

    What would it take for the UK and its empire to drive on the right side of the road like in most of the rest of Europe. BTW: This is also the same scenario for Japan.
  16. Chocolate Raines

    Alternate General Motors Vehicle Lineup (1980-Present)

    This timeline will explore an alternate General Motors through the vehicle lineups of Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. The timeline will mostly focus on the domestic car lineups, but trucks, vans, and especially SUV'S will be focused on as well as the SUV segment grows...
  17. Challenge: Prevent the rise of the Automobile Industry

    All right then! Here's an interesting idea for ya! How would you go about keeping the automobile industry from rising, basically having it remain an expensive curiosity before probably fading into obscurity? While there were alot of people definitely tinkering with the idea and so on, that...
  18. Incanian

    My Theory for Ottoman Victory in the Great war concerning Oil

    Before the 1908 Young Turk revolution, Cars, and the tools to make them were banned, only exclusively for the Sultans, and other officials. This ended after the Young Turk Revolution, in which all restrictions to make cars were finally lifted. Ottoman entrepreneurs went straight to trying to...
  19. Zor

    Alternate Cars and Vehicles

    Basically a thread for alternate cars and civilian road vehicles. I'll start with some Destroyermen fanart. Zor
  20. Simon

    BMC Buys Borgward?

    Borgward was an automotive manufacturer founded by Carl F. Borgward in Bremen in 1929 which, for several reasons, was finally wound up in 1961. Whilst Borgward was highly creative he was also rather idiosyncratic and didn't delegate well with the company spreading itself too thin, having...