1. Tangles2

    An AH Battle: An Alternate Battle of the Denmark Straight - (Operation Rheinübung) 1942.
    Threadmarks: 1. Prologue

    Part One: Prologue. Greetings All This is the Battle Chapter for Operation Rheinubung from Book Two of my Nieustralis AH which I am working on. Since a number of people have expressed interest after posting the MFK -Hitlers FAA Thread, MFK Thread, I thought I'd just chuck this in as a...
  2. Two Centuries of Chaos- Feedback for TL

    I'm kind of a newbie here, so I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on (please tell me where if it isn't), but I have some ideas for a timeline that I would like feedback/more in-depth knowledge on, (ill admit my knowledge of history is pretty eurocentric unfortunately, so id...
  3. Bismarck planned to raise Hungarian troops if France intervenes in the Austro-Prussian War?

    I'm currently reading Hans Trefousse's biography on Carl Schurz, the famous German-American writer and statesman. He notes that in Schurz's first visit with Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor really loosened up around the former '48 revolutionary and granted him an interview long past most...
  4. What if Bismarck had the help of the Royal Navy?

    So I already have an idea for this and had started to write it but I still have I road block. So we'll some of you would think to make Britain fascist, I actually going to make Germany democratic and part of the Allies. But this leave me with a couple big problems. How do I get plan Z in...
  5. What would happen to Madagascar if Bismarck died in 1866?

    I am a bit obsessed with the idea that the division of Africa does not happen (at least later). So imagine a world where Bismarck was assassinated in 1866, the Fran-Prussian War did not occur until much later and therefore the Berlin conference did not occur. For this reason, I saw that African...
  6. What would have happened if Karl Lamp managed to reestablish the Inca empire?

    Karl Lamp was a German who came to Peru in 1867 as an immigrant, but was crowned as an Inca by some indigenous people. So he wanted to reestablish the Inca empire. His attempt failed him and he was expelled from the country in 1883. He returned later and met with his subjects and militants (who...
  7. What if Bismarck died in 1866?
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    Would the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars occur? Wouldn't there be the distribution of Africa (I would like to reflect on this)?
  8. Disraeli2004

    The Decade of Disaster: What if the Franco-Prussian War Escalated? (relaunched)
    Threadmarks: Part 1- The Treaty of Prague and Resumption of War

    Part 1: The Treaty of Prague and Resumption of War The Balkans aren't worth the life of a single Pomeranian grenadier!’- Otto Von Bismarck, 1866. Chapter One: The Treaty of Prague and Resumption of War The War with Austria was deceptively decisive. Engineered by Otto Von Bismarck, this war...
  9. A Single Shot: A Collaborative Graphic Timeline
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    So I, perhaps against some of my better judgement, have decided to make yet another collaborative Graphics timeline. This timeline will be designed by the wonderful users of this very site, to pass time. The point of divergence is simple - Ferdinand Cohen-Blind assassinates Otto von Bismarck in...
  10. pls don't ban me

    Bismarck chooses Russia over Austria in 1878

    While the thread should be technically in the pre-1900 section i though that since it covers mostly the changes after 1900 is should belong to the in post-1900 section. Said that: Hi everyone, i was wondering about the treaty of Santo Stefano and the possibility of Bismarck deciding to support...
  11. No Bismarck Challenge

    Bismarck doesn't exist or isn't relevant in Europe. How does this affect German Unification and broader European politics?
  12. Prussia annexes Bavaria in 1866

    WI during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, along with all the other annexations they made, the Prussians annex the Kingdom of Bavaria while keeping their hands off Austria? Could the Prussians have done it without provoking a Europe-wide conflict or at least finding itself in a difficult...
  13. AltoRegnant

    WI: No Franco-Prussian War

    Otl, Germany's swift defeat of France and conquest of Alsace-Lorraine were part of the tense relations between France and the German Empires. Started by Napoleon III's fears of a united germany, all the emperor of the third empire accomplished was the southern states joining Germany and the fall...
  14. Disraeli2004

    WI: WW1 happened in the 1860s/1870s over German unification?

    Prussia conquered Germany without multiple powers banding together against them. But what if this wasn't the case? I envision two scenarios: a) The Austro-Prussian war escalates. France and/or Russia intervenes. It is worth bearing in why they didn't- Russia was to continue to focus on the Black...
  15. Disraeli2004

    What if France won the Franco-Prussian War? (1870-1925)

    This is an expanded version of my earlier post, please feel free to comment! In this alternate scenario, Bismarck must retire during 1870 due to ill health. This isn’t that far fetched- his quasi-depression at seeing what he thought was a Prussian humiliation caused significant ill health...
  16. Disraeli2004

    My Version of: What if France Won the Franco-Prussian war?

    Please comment on this, that would be most welcome! :) In this alternate scenario, Bismarck must retire during 1870 due to ill health. This isn’t that far fetched- his quasi-depression at seeing what he thought was a Prussian humilliation caused significant ill health. Thus, the Austro-Prussian...
  17. AHC: Bismarck as a federal prince

    In our timeline Bismarck was made Duke of Saxe Lauenburg when he was retired. He didn't like that though. How could he or his descendants become a federal prince of the empire? Maybe as Duke of Alsace-Lorraine or if Saxe Lauenburg gets independence from Prussia. What do you guys think
  18. GauchoBadger

    WI: Prussia annexes Saxony in 1866?

    Why wasn't the Kingdom of Saxony annexed by expanding Prussia after the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, unlike other similarly significant kingdoms who also fought for Austria, like Hanover and Hesse-Kassel? If Saxony had indeed been annexed by Prussia after being defeated in 1866, what would the...
  19. GameBawesome

    What happens to Bismarck in a 1848 German Empire?

    Otto Von Bismarck was the man who helped unified Germany in 1871, through blood and iron. But what happens to the man, if the German Empire, under Kaiser Frederick Wilhelm I (VI) of Prussia was United, in 1848? What happens to the this man?
  20. WI Germany renewed the Reinsurance Treaty and word got out?

    Instead of necro bumping one of the older threads on this topic, I thought it'd be better to start a a new one. In 1887, Bismarck arranged the Reinsurance Treaty to deal with the collapse of the League of the Three Emperors. It was to prevent a Russian convergence toward France, securing Germany...