1. Sargon

    Make Brazil a Major Naval Power

    If we can manage it, this happens sometime in the 19th century such that the armaments industry is well capable of designing and constructing a wide range of warships all the way to dreadnought battleships when that era is reached. Following that of course fast battleships, carriers and so on...
  2. Kantai Kessen

    WI: Littorio-class battleships license-built by Germany?

    This is a random idea but it suddenly occurred to me. I think the consensus of many students of naval history is that the Littorio-class battleships of the Regia Marina were fine ships, heavily armed, fast and well protected. They most certainly were more modern and capable then Germany's...
  3. Kantai Kessen

    AHC/WI: Proper IJN battleships deployed at Guadalcanal

    If people here have watched the latest Drachinifel Drydock (24/10/21), he says at 11:36 that he would have sent the Nagato and the Mutsu down Ironbottom Sound during the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign to bombard Cactus Air Field, instead of the Hiei and Kirishima as they did historically during the...
  4. Kantai Kessen

    AHC: HMS Rodney sinks the Tirpitz

    This is not that complicated. As many of us know, IOTL HMS Rodney contributed largely to the sinking of the Bismarck. Now try to make it so that she does in Bismarck's sister as well. Timing, context and method are up to your choosing. Nothing ASB is allowed though. Bonus points if Rodney...
  5. WI/AHC: Battleship equivalent of a "seventy-four"

    In the 18th century, the dominant capital ship type was the third-rate "seventy-four" (named for its 74 guns) ship of the line with two decks which balanced speed, manuevering, cost, and firepower. Larger second-rate and first-rate ships with three decks were mostly used as command ships due to...
  6. Alternate Washington Naval Treaty with a WW1 German victory(?)

    Anyways, with a POD in spring of 1915, this is the alternate world in 1923, as a semi- to almost-realistic take on the popular Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Kaiserreich. The objective is to determine the outcome of this alternate Washington Naval Treaty.
  7. Count of Crisco

    WI Dunkerque and Strasbourg in RN service?

    So lets just say for our purposes that the MN dispatches the two Dunkerque class battleships and a small task force, say elements of the Force de Raid, a light cruiser, two large destroyers, and three or four smaller destroyers, to help the British intercept the Bismarck when she sorties. The...
  8. SealTheRealDeal

    Germany builds another battleship instead of Graf Zeppelin

    As the title suggests, Germany builds another battleship* instead of building its never commissioned aircraft carrier. What impact does this have on North Sea operations? *perhaps a Scharnhorst sub-class armed with 15" guns, iirc there was a plan to replace their triple 11" turrets with double...
  9. Kantai Kessen

    WI: USS Washington alone at 2nd Guadalcanal?

    Imagine the following: USS South Dakota is more badly damaged at Santa Cruz Islands than in real life. Perhaps the torpedo that did in Porter hits her, or she gets struck by more bombs. This means that, when Vice Admiral Kondo and his force rock up to try and bombard Henderson Field again on...
  10. BillKerman1234

    US Navy Strike Cruiser timeline

    Hi guys! So, I was looking at some random US Cold War naval stuff the other day, and I came across the strike cruiser idea. Basically, in the 70s the US's plan for future naval development was to have 8 big, nuclear powered Aegis-equipped cruisers called strike cruisers (CSGN). Eventually, it...
  11. BillKerman1234

    WWII-style ship designs not given up in the 50s?

    I was researching various things for an AH scenario where the US built a few of the proposed strike cruisers, as part of that I did some research into armor schemes, and I came across these articles: &...
  12. SealTheRealDeal

    Candidates for "Italian style" rebuilds?

    So iOTL Italy extensively rebuilt some of its pre-WWI dreadnoughts, namely those of the Conte di Cavour-class and the Andrea Doria-class. These were very intensive upgrade that gutted the ships and even gave them new bows. They did change up the armour and armament a bit but the real point of...
  13. Admiral Bloonbeard

    Anglo American naval race around the same time the Anglo German naval race happens

    Is it possible to have an Anglo American naval race with a POD after reconstruction? Would Britain focus on competing against the United States or would Britain have a naval race against Germany and the United States at the same time?
  14. Count of Crisco

    A history of the Confederate States Navy and the American naval Arms race, 1865-1930
    Threadmarks: Forward

    Forward Following the success of the proceeding, A history of the two navies of the American Civil war, 1860-1865*, it was decided to attempt a follow up work dealing with Confederate naval history up until the present day. As it was realized the sheer amount of work required it was decided to...
  15. The Austere Class Battleships
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - "HMS Austere"

    This is an itch I have been needing to scratch for some time now - I got the idea from Antony Williams ATL/ASB WW2 novel 'The Foresight War' and applied my fascination of the G3/N3 and O3 designs of Battleships coupled with the Naval treaty limitations of the day and also the problems of...
  16. WaterproofPotatoes

    WI: A different Washington Naval Treaty and its Effects On WWII

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: A big thanks to "consulting admirals" @jsb @Luminous @hipper @RamscoopRaider @steamboy for their stellar contributions to this thread. It would not be half as interesting without them! For the uninitiated, US hull classification symbols are used as abbreviations for ship...
  17. Post-WW2 Battleships and other Big-gun ships

    This thread has two purposes; A) An AHC type challenge to make battleships and/or big-gun ships major surface combatants that are built and laid down post-ww2. The later they matter and the bigger they are, the better. B) A place for designs of post-ww2 battleships to be posted and discussed...
  18. Cmastashizzlerizzle

    Wi:HMS dreadnought gets hood’d by a pre-dreadnought

    So I guess as the title says what if the dreadnought gets sunk by a lucky hit from a pre-dreadnought in a similar way to the Hood for it to have the most ramifications it would have to happen before dreadnoughts catch on so there would have to be some hypothetical war that would involve naval...
  19. Simple question about Bayern-class battleships

    Simple question: would Bayern class battleships be usable during WW2, provided they receive some ofrm of modernization?
  20. RN Capital ship WWI construction halts effect of WNT?

    RN Capital ship WWI construction halts effect on WNT? What if the first Sea Lord cancels all post QE capital ship construction on 5th August 1914 due to not wanting to waste energy completing ships that are not needed for the short war coming? So the QEs are rushed as fast as OTL but the rest...