1. What if Estonia became a British protectorate in 1918?

    During the British intervention in the Baltics following the Great War, when Britain intervened to defend its interests in the Baltic, the new Estonian government was weak and desperate for help defending against the Russians/soviets. The Estonian Prime Minister asked Britain to send military...
  2. The Dukes of Fernau, for now.
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    THE DUKES OF FERNAU, FOR NOW A timeline of colonial Courland and Semigallia Point of Departure: Key Questions: Prologue: Once the Hanseatic League Brought trade and grew the town of Riga God was brought there by crusade And Courland lived in Riga’s shade The Poles and Lithuania In...
  3. Independent St Petersburg post Napoleon

    Is there a way to have St Petersburg and surrounding environs independent of Russia post Napoleon (after his final defeat and the Congress of Vienna in 1815)? A protectorate of another country (Germany maybe?) would also be acceptable. Could it break off from Russia and maybe form a union Baltic...
  4. WI: Prussian Crusader State

    What if instead of becoming a theocracy administered by the Teutonic order, Prussia and Lithuania became a crusader state led by one of the German houses like the ones in the levant? What would be the major effects of Prussia becoming an actual monarchy 300 years early and united with the Baltics?
  5. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    [Kingdom of] Italy takes over the whole Nordics plus Finland, Greenland, the Faroes and Iceland, the Baltics, Crimea and Georgia - dreaming of Asia

    Need any help? - Grounder, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
  6. What were social values in which the USSR was more advanced than its descendant states?

    Some time ago I've read an article about Pro-Soviet people living in Estonia, who aren't sure if they are Estonian, Russian, Soviet, or simply "Human". For example, a somewhat nationalist activist group asked a man around the age of 60 confrontationally, about whether he feels "Estonian or...
  7. WI: Catholic Sweden?

    Let's assume that, for some reasons, Clement VII accepts Gustav Vasa's candidate as Archbishop of Uppsala and that this is enough to keep Sweden Catholic. How would this PoD influence OTL's Swedish rise to power, involvement in the TYW and in the Baltic region?
  8. AHC: Independent Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Baltic States Post WW1(Allied Victory)

    I'm interested in an Allied WW1 Victory scenario where all these states become independent and stable. What if Bolsheviks never take over Russia and the Preliminary Government stays in control? Would Russia still try to take back over all their former Empire land even if the treaty of...
  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: Successful Baltic Prussian Uprising in the 13th century?

    After suffering a disaster at the battlefield of Durbe in 1260 AD, the Teutonic and Livonian Orders had to contend with a serious uprising by the Baltic Prussian tribes against their rule. At certain moments, the crusader knights seemed doomed to failure, but steady reinforcements, internal...
  10. WI: No Soviet annexation of the Baltics

    Let's say that, for whatever reason, Stalin doesn't decide to annex the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Maybe he decides that they'd be more trouble than they're worth, or maybe Hitler intimidates Stalin into respecting their territorial integrity (good job, Adolf). What would be the...
  11. Hell and Fury in the Damned East
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    Introduction: This is a timeline about Eastern Europe following the First World War. In this timeline, Józef Klemens Piłsudski is assassinated in 1919. Piłsudski was the leader of Poland from 1919 until 1935 (with some breaks) in our timeline, and he was an enormously influential man...
  12. WI: no PLC-Swedish personal union

    Personal union between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth wasn't easy to maintain. No surprise it ended with disaster. Catholic King of Sweden residing on the wrong side of Baltic, with treacherous, power hungry uncle as regent, had very little chance to keep both crowns. So what if such union never...
  13. Bastiram

    An Age of Prosperity
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    Prologue I: Introduction The coat of arms of the Estridsen dynasty. Itself a maternal branch of the Jelling Dynasty. One of the most important and influential European houses, best known for supplying a long series of Danish Kings. It rose to prominence in around the 12th-13th century. Its...
  14. Cytokine Pioneer

    The Anglo-Russian War

    22 October, 1904 At roughly 2:30 AM, elements of the Russian Baltic Fleet, believing that they had made contact with Japanese torpedo boats in the Dogger Bank, were steaming towards the two remaining vessels, both on fire and clearly out of action. Upon their arrival however, the Aurora, the...
  15. A United Baltic

    How do we create a united Baltic state that is mainly centered around the modern Baltic states? They have to be independent states, not a puppet state. The Pod has to be after the 7th centuries.
  16. WI: Continuous Viking Age?

    What if the Viking Age continued for several more centuries? And what if Scandinavia remained an international locus of trade and military power well into the Middle Ages and Renaissance? How could the Viking Age last longer? Here are a few different possibilities. Prolong the flow of silver...
  17. GauchoBadger

    WI: Earlier Soviet capture of Narva in 1944

    IOTL, there was a Soviet offensive aimed at Estonia launched at the end stages of WW2, in february 1944. The Soviets hoped to gain a beachhead to the Baltic sea, to supplant their operations aimed at the Baltic states and Finland. However, the Axis forces in the area presented stiffer...
  18. GauchoBadger

    An Eastern Orthodox Sweden?

    IOTL, Medieval Sweden has extensive contacts with Russia, which, as we all know, converted to Orthodox Christianity under Byzantine influence. Is there any way for this religious influence to somehow also be bounced off towards Sweden, resulting in an Orthodox Christian country in Scandinavia...
  19. What if Baltic pagans became vassals of the Mongols?

    Suppose the Baltic pagans sought and received protection from the Mongols, allying against the Teutons and Livonian crusaders. Could they stay pagan? Which side of Christianity do they ultimately accept without forced conversion by conquest?
  20. fluttersky

    WI: Soviets don't hand over Bornholm to Denmark in 1946?

    The Danish island of Bornholm was controlled by the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1946. What if the Soviets don't hand the island back to Denmark and either: -incorporate it into the USSR as part of the RSFSR -hand it over to Poland -or create a puppet state on Bornholm called the "People's...