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The Britwank Empire

The Britwank Empire is a timeline created by Analytical Engine on November 13, 2008. It is a part of The Strangerverse, spinoffs of Big Tex's timeline The United States of Ameriwank.

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The Beginning

In January, 1772, William Pitt, 1st Earl Chatham, was visited by a man claiming to be from the future. In order to save the world from a terrible war, the stranger declares, Pitt must unite the world under one flag; Britain. To do this, the stranger gives Pitt several tools: rings which sway the minds of men, plates capable of replicating any element known to man, a constantly updated historical database, capable of telling its hold future events, silver pocketwatches that are actually communicators, and finally, a teleporter. He also provides Pitt with the cure for the disease which later would have killed him. The stranger than vanishes, leaving Pitt alone to carry out his mission.

To aid him in his endeavor, he summons the following people to aid him: Augustus Grafton (3rd Duke Grafton), William Legge (2nd Earl Dartmouth), Charles Cornwallis (1st Marquis Brome), John Burgoyne, and Edmund Burke from Britain, and Benjamin Franklin and his son William (Governor of New Jersey), Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hutchinson (Governor of Massachusetts), Sir William Johnston (superintendent of the Iroquois Confederacy) and his nephew Guy, John Murray (4th Earl Dunmore and Governor of Virginia), George Washington, Guy Carleton (Governor of Quebec), Joseph Galloway (Speaker in the Pennsylvania Assembly), and Joseph Brant (a prominent Mohawk Chief).

In an effort to avoid the Revolution, this newly formed Order of Albion moves against the Sons of Liberty, humiliating them and making them look like thugs.

Connections and Differences from Ameriwank

As a spin-off of the Ameriwank timeline, Britwank possesses several connections and differences to its source material. These include:

  • The Stranger, who gave the tools to Washington in the Ameriwank timeline, claims his wormhole device is acting up, forcing him to instead give them to Pitt.
  • There are two new tools given by the Stranger: the communicator and the historical database.
  • An important part of Pitt's job seems to be to stop the Revolution, as opposed to Washington's, whose first job was to make it succeed.

Godsown1991, a regular contributor to the Ameriwank timeline, has also joined in on Britwank, and has stated that he shall be doing side-stories for Britwank, if the author allows it.

Members of the Order

The following people were members of the Order of Albion at some point:

Original Members

  • William Pitt the Elder (1772-1784) - Founder
  • Augustus Grafton (1772-)
  • William Legge (1772-)
  • Charles Cornwallis (1772-)
  • John Burgoyne (1772-)
  • Edmund Burke (1772-)
  • Benjamin Franklin (1772-1790)
  • William Franklin (1772-)
  • Thomas Jefferson (1772-)
  • Thomas Hutchinson (1772-1780)
  • Sir William Johnston (1772-1774)
  • Guy Johnston (1772-)
  • John Murray (1772-)
  • George Washington (1772-)
  • Guy Carleton (1772-)
  • Joseph Galloway (1772-)
  • Joseph Brant (1772-)

Subsequent Members

  • Alexander McGillivray (1779-)
  • Gouverneur Morris (1780-)
  • Warren Hastings (1780-)
  • Jeffrey Amherst (1781-)
  • William Pitt the Younger (1784-)
  • Charles James Fox (1784-)
  • William Petty-Fitzmaurice (1784-)
  • William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (1784-)

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