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That Wacky Redhead

It occurs to me that Brainbin may have stolen the “transcendentally nerdiest conceivable subject to write about” crown from me, as he has now written about arguments between different Star Trek fan subcultures resulting from a different version of Star Trek in an alternate universe–which I believe trumps my “arguments about definitions of genres of science fiction literature in an alternate universe” in LTTW ;-)


The first timeline (popcultural or otherwise) written by Brainbin. Worked on since mid-November 2011 and finished as of summer 2016, in the year of Star Trek's 50th anniversary (appropriately enough).

You can find the entire timeline right here or use the Chapter guide (see below) to comfortably read the timeline chapter-by-chapter.

Premise and POD

Lucille Ball, beloved comedienne, star of the classic 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy, and entrepreneur as the head of her television studio, Desilu, is visited in a dream by her late friend Carole Lombard. Once before, her friend had convinced her to “give [television] a whirl” and star in what would become I Love Lucy; her second visit, in late 1966, marks the POD. She is on the verge of selling Desilu to media conglomerate Gulf+Western, but Lombard warns her away from it, assuring her that her destiny is to remain a studio chief.

The rest of the timeline chronicles what changes have been wrought, and all on account of That Wacky Redhead!


Chapters - A complete list of all updates for the timeline, in chronological order.

Dramatis Personae - Historical characters appearing in the timeline and its alternate events and developments.

Facts and Figures - A summary of various figures and statistics on the alternate popcultural developments seen in the timeline.

Artworks and Illustrations - Various images that illustrate the alternate developments seen in the timeline.

Glossary - Alternate terminology and slang that diverged from OTL during the course of the timeline.

Electoral Results and Political Events - How politics and elections developed throughout the timeline.

Miscellanea and Fun Stuff - Behind the scenes stuff and jokey stuff.


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