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That Wacky Redhead : Miscellanea and Fun Stuff

Various miscellanea and behind the scenes stuff related to the That Wacky Redhead timeline and its readers.

Behind the Scenes


Drinking Game

(Rules Codified by Falkenburg)

That Wacky Redhead Drinking Game.

Only to be played by those of legal drinking age.

This is an explanatory Post and so does not count, for the purposes of The Game.

Dealers Rule applies.

You only take a shot when another Poster uses one of the trigger words (Or quotes your use of said in a subsequent Post)

Triggers include:

  • Use of the word “intriguing”
  • Mention of the Muppets
  • Reference and/or link to TV Tropes
  • Mention of the “UFO” series
  • Mention of Scooby-Doo

Have fun. Be safe. Players participate at their own risk.

Do not operate complex machinery or drive after playing That Wacky Redhead Drinking Game.

Neither Brainbin, Desilu, nor any of their Affiliates or Subsidiaries may be held liable for any damages or losses incurred.

That Wacky Limerick

(A poetic summation of The Story So Far, by Falkenburg; written at 3:20 AM, BST, on June 10, 2012; for which he won the No-Prize)

A Canadian, name of Brainbin,

Took OTL and gave it a spin.

From the smallest of starts,

He won Readers and hearts.

So much in it. Oh, where to begin?

To list its charms in separate proportions,

Would tie up this rhyme in contortions.

Now you've no-one to blame,

If you play The Drinking Game.

The alcohol may well cause some distortions

He baited his hook and we bit.

Now we keep coming back for the hit.

Trek ran for five seasons,

for impeccable reasons

(Though Shatner still was a bit of a twit).

A Quagmire abroad was truncated

While Nixon was sadly deflated

Though it isn't all roses,

Such is life, one supposes.

Just be glad 'Ulster' was somewhat abated.

We've had surprises and plenty of laughs

We've seen Trek and The Doctor cross paths.

The Fonz bit the dust,

Twas a shame but a must.

(I can't recall if there've been any gaffes).

Muppets and Tropes and the Moon

(And me, rhyming away like a loon)

So much left unsung,

Yet I've barely begun!

(Fear ye not, this'll be over soon)

It is late and I should go to bed

But I'm writing this Limerick instead.

The gleam in my eyes,

Is that lovely No-Prize

All because of That Wacky Redhead!

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