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Nicaraguan Timelines and Scenarios

Nicaragua-centered TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • Look to the West by Thande - OTL Nicaragua is part of the Kingdom of Guatemala, a constituent state of the Empire of New Spain. From Chiapas down to Costa Rica, this small kingdom was compensated by also being given authority over overseas possessions such as Puerto Rico and, until their loss to the Portuguese-Castilians, the Philippines. Ruled by King Ferdinand I. The capital is San Salvador.
  • Pax Napoleonica by Zach - Nicaragua is part of The United States of Central America.
  • Children of the Sun by othyrsyde - The PoD for this TL takes place during the early colonial era. The opening conflict of the War of Captains, between Gil Gonzalez Davila and Hernando de Soto, results in the former's death. This in turn alters the dynamics of Cristobal de Olid's revolt in Honduras, and sets off the huge civil war/indigenous uprising that rips apart New Spain.
  • Know of any other timelines set here ? ;-) Feel free to add them ! :-)

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