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Mind Coming Back to the Present?

A short story that's turning more into a short novel written by VulcanTrekkie45 starting on 29 September, 2007, and is an ongoing project. It features different members of the board being mysteriously ISOTed to the year 2762, placed very abruptly into several different occupations on several different worlds, or the USS Hauser, in the Orion Republic. Why they were ISOTed is not known yet, or why everyone thinks they are someone else. However, Messiniano, VulcanTrekkie45, and DelawareConfederate have all recognized each other, and are working to figure out how, and why, they are here. Independently, Aozhouhuaren, is finding out more about his situation in Mariner Bay city on Mars. It also is seen that the story takes place in the aftermath of a war between the Orion Republic and the Perseusian Empire, as demonkangaroo was ISOTed into a labour camp somewhere in the Empire, where he meets another victim, played by euio. Much still remains a mystery, however, including Earth's past, which involved the destruction of much of southeast New England during a war in the early 21st century, as being investigated by David bar Elias. Will they be able to unravel the secret as to why they were all transported to such an alien future?

You can read it here.

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