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Rafi Issoghlian

Rafi was an Armenian member of the Old Board, under the username “Knight of Armenia”. The old board had usernames, but displayed the real name, which is also the reason Rafi is known under this name.

Claims to Fame

Most well known for arguing with Abdul Hadi Pasha. The former was of the opinion that there was a genocide committed by the Ottomans against the Armenians (see: Armenian Genocide), the latter held it was not a genocide, but an ethnic cleansing done due to the war (the First World War was going on) and advancing Russian troops (with whom many Armenians sympathised). Besides that, he was known for posting Armenia-related WIs, who often ended up as a battleground between him and Abdul, too.

Rafi's time on the New Board

Knight of Armenia (that is, Rafi, using his username on the Old Board) signed up on the New Board as well. He did post a fair amount, but erratically and not for long before vanishing, so he is now an ex-member.


A Light in the East - One of the foremost, first major timelines of, created in the days of the Old Board. A major contribution of Rafi's to's early history.

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