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Collaborative Stories and Worldbuilding Projects

This is a page collecting an overview of original stories and narrative-focused settings, which were created via a long-term collaborative process between several members of the board.

By “narrative-focused”, we mean that these are settings and stories where the storytelling is the foremost element. These aren't roleplays like in Shared Worlds, or anything similar. There is no gameplay involved, only an effort to build a story-focused shared universe (either for fun, or as a setting for potential stories).

By “several members”, we mean at least two or three different board members, but usually a much bigger group.

By “original”, we mean collaborative projects that are not based on existing fiction at all, or are only loosely inspired by an existing work of fiction (i.e. taking one or two basic ideas, but otherwise doing their own thing entirely).

The Medieval America Co-op Project

A collaborative worldbuilding project, trying to imagine what a post-apocalyptic America would be like if it reverted back to a medieval level of technology and society. Originally inspired by Matthew White's somewhat tongue-in-cheek rendition of the idea, in his work from the early 2000s, The Atlas of Medieval America. Though the initial “Medieval America Co-op Project” has stalled and gone on hiatus, some people have occassionally (and briefly) revived the idea on a minor scale in recent years.

Medieval America Co-op Project - The original thread of the project, initiated by Jord839. Despite the name, the project also encompassed medieval-ised polities and societies outside North America as well, though to a lesser extent.

Stories From Medieval America - A thread for shorter stories from the setting.

Medieval America Tk II: Discussion Thread - The follow-up thread of the project, started by jmberry.

A Second Look at Medieval America (discussion-free) - The story-only/updates-only version of the above thread, without discussion.

Culture of a Medieval America - A brief revival, for a very specific theme, by Rognvald.

Opposite of Medieval America collaborative TL suggestion - Zuvarq's suggestion for a different variation on the existing idea.

Ex Uno Plures: the Nations of Medieval America - TheScottishMongol's fairly recent and rather successful mini-revival of the project. A slightly earlier version can be seen here.

The Age of Darkness: Yet Another Medieval America Thread - Another revival by Rognvald.

Medieval America Mark III - The latest revival, started by Flashman.

The Superverse

The Superverse was, aptly enough, started by Superman (the board member, not the superhero) as an effort to create a shared, interconnected universe for superhero stories. It contains both realistically geared superheroes and fantastical/supernatural ones, though it's generally not too fantastical overall.


Anybody Interested in a Collaborative Superhero Universe ? - Original and main project development thread.

Collaborative Superhero Universe Character Thread - Thread with overview of characters from the setting. Please also see the current overview of existing characters in the setting.

Superverse: Stories Thread - The thread that houses the various narratives and short stories for the setting themselves.

The ASB-PIC World

The ASB-PIC World began as a solo worldbuilding project by False Dmitri, and it has gradually expanded into a collaborative project.


Affiliated States of Boreoamerica Thread - main thread for discussion

See Also

Shared Worlds - For more gameplay-focused projects, from roleplaying, to historical map games, and so on…

Discussions on Writing - Resource page gathering discussions on the writing and worldbuilding processes. Includes the Worldbuilding Thread.

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