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Resources : Discussions on Writing

This is a growing collection of discussions on the topic of writing - not just alternate history, but also other related genres of literature or other media.

NOTE: Please do not resurrect long-dead discussions (i.e. dead for several years). It is against good conduct on the board. If the thread you found interesting is really, really old, you should rather start a new thread with the same topic or a similar topic, if you really want to discuss it. (Though you can link to the older, dead thread in the opening post of the new thread, if you want to. Just for completeness' sake.)

General musings and discussions

Alternate History

Science Fiction

Engineering A Planet

Exo-planets, and how to simply model them

Alien Worlds Thread

Official Alien, Alternate and Future Species and Cultures Repository

Current religions in space and on alien worlds

What should humanity's first colonized world be named ?

Names for space settlements (mostly in the Solar System)

Question: Skies of other worlds

Building an Earth-like World

Speculating about Alien Civilizations

Realistic first contact

What is the answer to the Fermi Paradox ?

Why are aliens in fiction so humanlike ?

Of Alien Races and Originality

How "alien" can an alien animal really be with the law of convergent evolution

Tips on designing alien species and civilisations

Aliens and humans interbreeding ?

Can we eat aliens ?

What is your favourite alien species ?

Stuff to contemplate when designing aliens

Thoughts on Alien Monoculture

General question on writing up a fictional transplanted human culture

Works with subverted "United Earth" trope

What would the UK name a space colony ?

Need appropriate name suggestions for planets colonised by a specific nation(ality)

Best name for Chinese space empire of the far future ?

Question about Mars colonisation and the Sabbath

Plausibility of Earth-Mars cold war

What is civilian life like in popular sci-fi ?

Can someone recommend some "demilitarized" names for fictional police ranks ?

Why Science Fiction Detective Stories Aren't Impossible (article by Mark Cole at Clarke's World Magazine)

How could Earth withstand an attack ?

Space combat idea

Use of nuclear weapons in space

How to invade an O'Neill Cylinder space colony

A dumb question on growing crops in space

What is the weakest sci-fi universe you know of ?

What sci-fi universe would you like to live in ?

The pitfalls of writing comedic sci-fi ?

Is modern military sci-fi too prudish ?

Cyberpunk-esque themes/settings that haven't been used ?

Trojan planets and their implications

Building a Hard Sci-Fi Universe

Works with "United Earth" trope subverted

Sci-fi Worldbuilding Thread (defunct, start a new one)

Fantasy Fiction

The General Fantasy Discussion Thread

Preferred Tone of Fantasy Genre

Fantasy clichés

What common medieval fantasy tropes have no basis in actual history ?

What's Right and Wrong with Fantasy ?

How to make a not so generic fantasy setting ?

How did knights, princesses and dragons become a fairytale cliché ?

Understanding High Fantasy and the inherent difficulty of writing it ?

Fantasy Naming Conventions

Royal Titles in Fantasy

Homemade Noble Titles

Favourite fantasy world

Underused cultures, time periods, and settings in fantasy

Medieval European fantasy world ideas not based on the British Isles

Early Modern Fantasy ?

Ideal fantasy story setting (not stereotypical)

Fantasy without the magic

Random thoughts on ice magic

Fantasy with technological development ?

Industrial fantasy

Most plausible way for gunpowder and magic to coexist ?

Reconciling gunpowder use with fantasy settings

Gunpowder dominant fantasy setting?

Industrial Age in Middle Earth

A new kind of fantasy

Fantastical Democracy

Underused fantasy races ?

What are some possible ethnic slurs for Dwarves ?

More realistic vampires

How to kill a dragon

Writing humorous speech on the threats of monsters (or lack thereof), need help

A post-apocalyptic Lord of the Rings

A post-apocalyptic Oliver Twist

Types of RPG character classes in modern day settings ?

The Grand List of Urban Fantasy Clichés

What would Tolkien have thought of Star Wars

Comparing the styles of J. R. R. Tolkien and G. R. R. Martin

What is a good name for a metal that is anti-magical ?

Question about alcohol in fantasy

Mixed Genre / Multiple Genres

See Also

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