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A collaborative superhero-themed setting created by several AH.commers (with Superman as team lead). It takes place in a slightly allohistorical version of OTL's Cold War and especially the post-Cold War world. The project ran between 2014 and 2017 and is currently (and most likely permanently) dormant.


The year is 1991. The Eastern Bloc has fallen, and the Soviet Union is on its last legs. The threat of nuclear war has been avoided, and at last, the world appears to be at peace. But, around the corner, something much more dangerous lurks, plotting world domination. They are supervillains, and they are the most powerful beings on the planet. Nothing can stop them…except for superheroes.
While superheroes have existed in comic books for decades and rumors of their existence have been around for years, there are ordinary people blessed, and in some cases cursed, with unique and extraordinary abilities, who use them for the betterment of mankind. With the end of the Nuclear Age, begins the beginning of the Age of Heroes.
Now, 23 years later, in 2014, superheroes are a controversial topic. Are they here to help, or are they simply superpowered bullies who have nothing better to do? Whatever it is, when we need them, they'll be here, ready to protect us.

Superverse Main Archive Thread - The current main project thread, used purely as an archive for the now-dormant project.

Superhero Universe Poll - A voting thread that decided about the name of the setting.

Collaborative Superhero Universe Character Thread - Thread with overview of characters from the setting. Please also see the current overview of existing characters in the setting.

Superverse Main Thread - Original and main project development thread. Now permanently lost after the offtopic cleanup of 2021.

Superverse: Stories Thread - The thread intended to house the various narratives and vignettes for the setting. Not very used and now permanently lost after the offtopic cleanup of 2021.

See Also

Metroverse - A Shared Worlds roleplaying game about alternate history superheroes.

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