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Points of Divergence : Finland

Points of divergence concerning alternate historical developments within the modern day territory of Finland.



The Middle Ages

Early Modern history

18th and 19th century

20th century

  • A Russian victory in the Russo-Japanese War - This would allow Russia to further surpress Finnish autonomy in the early 20th century. (In OTL, loss in the war led to Russia relinquishing most of the surpression of Finnish autonomy it implemented between the 1890s and WWI.)
  • 16th July 1904 - What if Eugen Schaumann's assasination of Finnish governor Bobrikov failed, unlike in OTL ? (The assasination attempt was fueled by a growing hatred of the Finnish citizens towards the Russian governor, who obtained dictatorial-level powers over the country from the Russian government in 1903.)
  • 27th January 1918 - What if the coup d'etat of the leftist parties in Helsinki proved unsuccesful and there were ultimately no Finnish Red Guards and Finnish Civil War in the first three months of 1918 ? (No Finnish Civil War could mean a smaller public backlash against leftist political parties during the interwar years.)
  • 7th March 1918 - What if the Finnish government didn't sign an economic treaty with Germany ? In OTL, this treaty allowed Germany to create an almost complete monopoly in Finnish foreign trade.
  • October-December 1918 - What if Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse manages to oficially ascend the Finnish throne and Finland remains a kingdom, as originally planned in the immediate aftermath of the events of 1917 ? (In OTL, Finland was briefly a kingdom during 1918 and the first half of 1919, until the legislation was changed to that of a republic, with the first president being elected on the 17th July 1919 and the post of regent renamed to prime minister.)
  • 1919 - What if complete prohibition of alcohol in Finland wasn't approved by parliament as in OTL ?
  • 1920 - What if Finland didn't join the League of Nations, unlike in OTL ?
  • Beginning of the 1920s - What if Finland rejected to sign the international treaty about the demilitarization of the Aland Islands and their autonomy within the new Finnish state ?
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21st century

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Challenge: The Baltic Sea as somebody's Mare Nostrum

DBWI: WI the Nordic Union was never formed

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ASB / ISOT / Geological

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