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Known as the “Old Dominion”, as King Charles II granted it a special status due to its loyalty to him during his exile during the English Republic. One of the original thirteen colonies that broke from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. During that conflict the capital was changed from Williamsburgh to Richmond, which later became the main seat of government for the Confederacy. Richmond was burned to the ground in 1864. The state, officially a “commonwealth”, is often referred to by locals by its USPS abbreviation, “V.A.” It is pronounced “vurr-jinn-YUH” by Americans, whereas Britons pronounce it as “vurr-JINNY-uh”.

Today, Virginia is a bustling state that seems more city than anything else, when compared to its cousin, West Virginia. Notable sights are: Jamestown, Richmond, and Arlington, which lies along the Maryland border. The U.S. capital, Washington, D.C., borders Virginia, and parts of Virginia were formerly part of Washington, D.C. until they were returned in the 19th century.


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