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Delta Force

American board member who joined in February 2011. In his first few years, he was mainly a timeline and story writer, but he slightly refocused some of his interests towards political topics (and thus started to visit PolChat more often) and to topics concerning the history of science. Delta Force had a clear interest in engineering science, including aviation and nuclear power station reactors.

After a week-long kick by the mods that occured shortly before the end of 2016, Delta Force returned to in a rather offended mood and showed signs of attention-seeking. He made a separate thread apologising to the admin, despite people telling him it's unnecessary and an apology via private messages would be enough. A few days later, he declared he's leaving the site permanently and left, but then suddenly returned roughly a week later. He still felt offended and wronged, and attempted to drag people into arguments about his past kickings, including the most recent one, in the then current Hall of Infamy Thread. Given Delta's past lapses in his history on the site, and especially his recent string of obnoxious behaviour, Ian had finally had enough and banned him in mid January 2017. Delta Force's nearly three week long melodramatics really soured many AH.commers' previous sympathies towards him. (However, some fellow members were also criticised for falling for Delta's attention-seeking posts.)


Need For Speed: A Jet Age Timeline


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