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Laqueesha (pronounced: luh-QWEE-shuh) is a board member who joined in March 2010. A “sweet-as fella”, as the Kiwis would say.

Not to be confused with Lascupa0788 or Laurentia.


Laqueesha is also known by the nicknames of “Laqueesh” (pronounced luh-QWEE-shh, coined by Stolengood) and “Laq'” (pronounced lack), a moniker coined by Tovarich.


Is quite the flag-maker and has participated in several rounds of the Weekly Flag Challenge and won WFC Round 124 and WFC Round 40 (albeit in a tie). Is a fan of semiotics in general, from national anthems, to coats of arms and seals, medals, and flags. Also likes to draw Polandball comic strips.


Historical interests include the American Civil War (ACW) and late-18th-to-mid-19th century U.S. history, though Laq' is by no means an expert in either field and is always learning and is eager to learn new information. As far as more modern topics of interest go, Laq' also has some interest in contemporary Northeast Asian geopolitical affairs, having spent some brief time there in the past.


Laqueesha has attended four meetups in the past, once in January 2017, one in May 2017, another in July 2017, and another in December 2017.


Generally, Laq' likes late 1990s and early 2000s pop and hip hop music, ranging from 1999 to 2002. As far as more niche tastes go, Laq' likes ragtime music and Mexican “norteño” corridos, unable to resist the catchy accordion tunes of the latter.


Likes the Portuguese and Spanish languages, in which Laq' likes to type out obscenities in from time to time. Laq' also likes to copiously use British and Australian English colloquialisms and slang terms, though prefers to use Oxford commas and Oxford spellings at the same time.


In sport-related matters, Laq' is a fan and supporter of both the men's and women's U.S. national soccer teams, as well as the Detroit Pistons professional basketball team. Laq' also likes to watch boxing and MMA, though prefers the former more than the latter.


Is an avid gamer on Steam and was a fan of The Sims series from its very beginning in 2000, until E.A. Games unforgivably killed the series with the atrocious TS4.

Cinema and television

Vehemently abhors the spammage of bland and generic superhero films that lazily permeates the cinematic scene of the 2010s, though harbors no ill-will to the comics they are based on. Laqueesha's top two favorite films of all time are United 93 (2006) and The Bedford Incident (1965). Laqueesha's top two favorite T.V. shows of all time are The X-Files (1993-2002, 2016) and COPS (1989-present).

Commonly-used catchphrases

Meu deus! 8-O

“Duff or Swank?” - Whenever somebody refers to a woman named “Hillary” but for some reason can't be bothered to put this mysterious woman's last name.

“God help us. 8-O

“I see nashingu-desska. :-(” - Usually said when a linked image is not visible. “Nashingu” is “Nothing” in a Japanese accent, whereas “-Desska” is just added on for flair.

“God damn it! m(

“Hu Dat-bi?” - Usually said to inquire about a person's identity.

“Mother of God. 8-O

¡Que diablos! 8-O

Santo deus! 8-O

Ach! Meine augen! 8-O” - Usually said after seeing a horrific or horrendous image.

“X ist tot! X bleibt tot! Und wir haben ihn getötet! Wie trösten wir uns?” - Usually said when a character in a T.V. show dies or is supposedly dead.

“Somebody set up us the bomb. We get signal. Main screen turn on.” - Usually said whenever somebody says “What happened?”


Used for Laqueesha

* “Laq'” - Coined by Tovarich.

* “L-Q”

* “Laqueesh” - Coined by Stolengood.

Used by Laqueesha

* “Ark Mike” - Archangel Michael

* “B Veintinueve” - B-29_Bomber

* “BritRep” - British Republic

* “Calle Beary” (pronounced “cally-berry”, like Halle Berry) - CalBear

* “Tanza” or “D-Tan” - DTanza

* “Fletchy” - Fletch

* “FrusProg” - Frustrated Progressive

* “Japh-Japh” or “Japh” - Japhy

* “My South African Homie” - Marius

* “Metty” or “Meta-Stay” - Metastasis_D

* “Hot Pockets” - PachPachis

* “PKM” (like the old Soviet light machine-gun) - Pkmatrix

* “Souf” - Southpaw

* “The Castilian Agent” or “Span-Spy” - SpanishSpy

* “Yan-Yan” - St. Just, aka “El Yanqui”, aka “Massa Chief”, aka “Tsar Gringo”, aka “Burnt House Avenger”

* “Stuy” (pronounced “Stye”) - Stuyvesant

* “Supe” (pronounced “Soup”) - Superman

* “The Most Canadian Man in the World” - Talwar

* “Thespy” or “Thesp” - Thespitron 6000

* “Tran-Tran” or “Trannie Blue” - Transparent Blue

* “Zach”, “Maxwell House”, “Zach-Zach”, “Zachy”, or “Zachy-Zach” - Zachanassian

Social Justice Warrior or Nazi Test results: 15% Extremist, 32% Liberal, 43% Feminist, 20% AntiRacist, 0% Racist, 15% Ignorant, 2% Sexist, 18% Rude, 33% Nerdy, 12% Conservative and 29% SpecialSnowflake!

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