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A game introduced to the site by Thermopylae, in which concepts (usually in the form of images) are one-upped.

Also called One-upmanship.

A recent example by Thande and Gryphon involved the following one-ups:

  1. Cthulthu beats chemistry
  2. Grinning Thande beats Cthulthu
  3. Battleship beats grinning Thande
  4. Submarine beats battleship
  5. Depth charge gunboat beats submarine
  6. Torpedo bomber beats depth charge gunboat
  7. Surface to air missile launcher beats torpedo bomber
  8. Challenger 2 tank beats surface to air missile launcher
  9. Helicopter gunship beats Challenger 2 tank
  10. Avenger anti-air laser from C&C Generals beats helicopter gunship

and simultaneously -

  1. Linux penguin beats grinning Thande
  2. Microsoft Office paperclip beats Linux penguin
  3. Blue Screen of Death beats Microsoft Office paperclip
  4. Service Pack 2 beats Blue Screen of Death
  5. “Stop: Hammer Time!” dialogue box beats Service Pack 2
  6. Firefox popup blocker beats dialogue box
  7. BSD daemon beats Firefox popup blocker
  8. Angel beats devil

At which point the game was called off due to Thande's recursion to C&C.

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