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Bahaianism is the newest of the Board faiths.

The Three Onenesses are three core assertions central in the teachings of Bahaianism. They are:

  • The Oneness of Ian
  • The Oneness of Faith
  • The Oneness of Membership

They are also referred to as the Three Unities, the Unity of Ian, the Unity of Faith, and the Unity of Membership.

The Bahaianism teachings state that there is but one faith which is progressively revealed by Ian, through messengers, to mankind as humanity matures and its capacity to understand also grows. The outward differences in the faiths, the Bahaianism writings state, are due to the exigencies of the time and place the faith was revealed.

fortyseven claims to be the most recent, but not the last, in a series of divine Teachers which include the Holy Sheep, Doctor What, the Holy Goat, the Holy Butterfly and others.

The Bahaianism writings state that the essential nature of the messengers is twofold: they are at once human and divine. They are divine in that they all come from Ian and expound His teachings, and thus they can be seen in the same light, but at the same time they are separate individuals known by a different name, who fulfill a definite mission, and are entrusted with a particular revelation.

Three Onenessess

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