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Democratic Imperial Soviet People's Party of Reform

A party formed by OAM47, Iori, and FallenMorgan, three veteran politicians in this thread. The party has experienced record growth and is becoming a major player in AH politics. See “Party History” for more details.

Party History

DISPPR was announced to the public shortly before the A-L elections, though had been in planning for months. It had been noticed that many notable members started their own one man parties. While this allowed for a diverse political landscape, it really only fueled drama, as these small parties were unable to impact elections. OAM47 realized that by starting a party fully formed, the ideals of that party would have a serious advantage over the other parties. Iori and FallenMorgan were recruited, being close allies of OAM47. Together they helped shape the ideology of DISPPR and formed the core leadership.

Upon announcement, DISPPR created quite a stir, though generated only a small impact. However, skillful diplomacy resulted in a longer term friendship with the BBP after both parties made a stunning showing at the first AH political debate. This alliance allowed a seat to be won in the A-L parliment, which was awarded to FallenMorgan.

In the general elections, the coalition won three seats, but due to unforseen circumstances, DISPPR only operates one of them currently.

Party Manifesto

To make the AH government work, to make the AH government act, to make the AH government intervene on behalf of its citizens! On behalf of the members of our community. The AH government has become stagnant and has regressed. Henceforce, DISPPR shall fight this stagnant bureaucracy by running on a platform of reform. So Comrades let us rise from the trenches, galvanize the people, and take back the government!

Party Platforms

1. We will support the creation of a subforum (BBQ Grill) with minimal rules. This will serve to allow for members to let off steam and will reduce the numbers of kickings/bannings, since many offending members will go there instead of to chat.

2. We will create a system that would allow for the collective membership of to petition and offer suggestions or concerns on the topic of the forum to the administrator in an altogether organized fashion.

3. We support reform of the Peerage system to make it easier to understand and work within for the members of AH.

4. Full support to the “help” forum.

5. Promote Unity between members. (more details below)


1. DISPPR members shall be available to help anyone in the help forum to the best of their ability. (Director - OAM47)

2. Active campaign for peerage reform by working with regional governments. (Director - Iori)

3. DISPPR memebers will attempt to calm down any member who appears to be “losing their cool” in a heated debate. (Director - Morgan)


The current membership of the DISPPR consists of:

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