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Noob Party

The Noob Party, (New Online Orators giving Beneficial Statements) was lead by Demosthenes who was also the Chairman. It has since been considered dead.


Treat Noobs/Newbies better

Teach N00bs how to be productive and follow rules

Tougher restrictions on trolls

Support more mods being able to kick so that when the almighty Ian is not on, we dont get spammed.

Against the robot revolt


Demosthenes (resigned)

snerfuplz (resigned)

mike oneal 5


In November Demosthenes decided to create a Shadow Parliament, however the thread was flooded by protests from Parliament Members and Demosthenes declared it closed near the end of November.

On December 15, 2007 Demosthenes resigned from his post as N00B party chairman and applied for membership in the Evil Party, followed by snerfuplz. From that point on, it has been considered dead and gone.

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