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John Fredrick Parker

An American member from Los Angeles.


Along with Cuāuhtemōc, John was the co-creator and co-writer of the now-defunct TL Cortesia.

Another collaborative effort, War of the Five Dragons, is an ASOIAF TL shared between JFP and AJNolte, on the aftermath of Robert's Rebellion being altered due to a new character.

His solo efforts:

Let Us Strive, an aborted TL on Lincoln surviving leading to a successful Reconstruction.

Mittelmächte Siegreich, a WWI TL on a failed Brusilov Offensive leading to a CP Victory, currently on hiatus.

Longevity has its place, a defunct TL with the survival of Martin Luther King Jr as the PoD.

Like No Business I Know, a pop culture TL with PoDs in the mid to late 1990's, currently on hiatus.

Maverick, an attempted TL where John McCain wins the 2000 Presidential Election

Who Could Ask For More?, an aborted short TL with a 2004 PoD.

Five Rings Unbroken, a TL on a more successful Obama Administration, defunct.

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