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Holiday Bill


Although the calendar already includes four holidays, some members have lamented that there are so few. In response, it was proposed that a special committee be established for the specific purpose of devising new holidays for the board to celebrate. While the Holiday Bill received more votes in favor than against, it failed to meet the to meet the minimum passage threshold of 8 votes due to parliamentary absences.


kidblast (YSP) proposed establishing a special committee to propose new holidays for on May 5, 2008. Vice President Sargon, Chairman of the Evil Party, endorsed the bill, signaling that it would likely have support of the majority coalition.

Text of Legislation

The Parliament shall establish a committee to propose new holidays for


This Holiday Bill was placed to a floor vote on May 22, 2008:

Douglas (E), Historyfan92 (YSP), Kidblast (YSP), Michael (KETWIWB), and Nekromans (YSP) voted in favor.

None voted against.

Kabraloth (FFF) voted to abstain.

Agentdark (E), Gladi (E), Haggis (E), Ran Exilis (E), Flocculencio (KETWIWB), Michael (KETWIWB), MrP (KETWIWB), The Bald Imposter (KETWIWB), Kabraloth (FFF), Steffen (FFF), and Superdude (PPP) did not participate in the vote, resulting in de facto abstentions.

Unable to meet the minimum passage threshold of 8 votes, the Holiday Act thus failed to pass.

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