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God-Modding Bill


The proposed God-Modding Bill was the last piece of legislation discussed by the 2006 Parliament of before it became defunct for the remaining 11 months of its session. Had it been enacted, it would have created the first organized member-run policing force in the board's history.


Prime Minister Midgard (E) presented a Motion asking MPs to “precisely define the Parliament's and the government's duties and responsibilities, so that it may be at least some service to the membership of this board” on August 21, 2006. The motion was seconded by fortyseven (WP).

Floid, an independent member, proposed the enforcement of a god-modding limit on Romulus Augustulus, who was seen as abusing his ability to do so. In response, Prime Minister Midgard proposed the establishment of a God-Modding Police in order to enforce a God-Modding limit on Romulus Augustulus, headed by the only member capable of enforcement: Romulus Augustulus.

Text of Legislation


The Parliament shall respect the establishment of a God-Modding limit upon Romulus Augustulus.


Section 1: Recognizing the need to enforce this limit, the Parliament hereby establishes the Department of God-Modding Police.

Section 2: Officers of the God-Modding Police will have the responsibility of enforcing the God-Modding limit on behalf of His Administratorness' Government.

Section 3: The Parliament hereby appoints the only members skilled enough in the art of God-Modding to properly enforce said limit, Romulus Augustulus.


This law was never enacted, and to this date there remains no legal limit on the usage of God-Modding throughout

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