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Dr. Nodelescu

A German member of the board who joined in 2007. Tried a humble start as an alternate history writer at Wikia in 2005 and still regrets to not have looked for a board much earlier. By 2018, he has finally achieved a bachelor degree in political sciences and sociology.

Despite the nickname ending with -escu, this one of the many self-declared “doctors” on doesn't have anything to do with Romania, it only arose from the need to have an original nick not sounding too German and not being too common that anybody would already have registered anywhere with that name.

Commonly abrogated to “Dr. No” for the sake of speech economy. For the same sake, he became one of the guys to abrogate Analytical Engine as “Anal Engine”, if not even being the originator of anal enginism. After inheriting a humble fortune after his mother's premature death, he styles himself as the “ Resident Landlord” and his “Lifelines of Logistics” illustration thread also deals with his native home in the posh east end of Heilbronn in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. He also suggested to host a meetup in 2019 when the Bundesgartenschau (All-German Horticultural Show) will run in his city.

He attended two meetups in the UK: The London mini-meetup on August 27th, 2016 and the Oxford meetup on February 11th, 2017. Because Brexit means Brexit and his personal “Alexit” (his real name is Alex) is meant to be a punitive expedition against the withdrawing UK. He also came to the UK for July 13th, 2017 to expect a South African AH.commer that didn't show up. It was still a hell of journey.


The correct prediction of the French presidential elections of 2007, only tainted by the fact that Sarko's victory at the second round wasn't any surprise once the first round ended.

Interview with controversial sculptor Villeau with a German news magazine in the latest 20th century of Weimar World.

Samowar In Atlantis - The unbelievable story of Björn Mika Ringstorff plays in the Chaos Timeline after World War III.

Lifelines Of Logistics - How To (Not) Draw Your Transit Maps/Diagrams

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