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A state in the southwest of modern Germany, consisting of the area of the former (Margraviate/Grand Duchy of) Baden, the (Duchy/Kingdom of) Württemberg, plus the former Prussian province of Hohenzollern. Also broadly consistent with (but not entirely matching) the traditional region of Swabia. In reality however, the state was created in 1952 as a merger from territories of the American (Württemberg-Baden) and French (Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern) occupation zones.

Traditionally, Baden (being a predominantly Catholic area) and Württemberg (being a predominantly Protestant area), don't like each other much. By modern German standards, it is (along with Bavaria) regarded as a rather conservative area. Baden-Württemberg is also one of the place where the German Techwank is reality. The state's motto is “We can do everything except speak Standard German”.


Steffen hails from Baden-Württemberg. Württemberg, that is. And not Wurrtemberg, as the Anglophones spell it sometimes.

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