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Allegedly the capital of the UK and England. Also known as 'London, England' to those who don't know any better.

London has a population of around 12-15 million, depending on where you draw the borders, and is home to numerous AH.commers, including Wozza, Ljofa, Ramp-Rat, (Wales-born) Kit, British Republic and LSE-undergraduate Lord Roem. It is stereotyped as being populated entirely by a combination of American tourists and illegal immigrants, this having displaced the older Dick Van Dyke cheery-cheeky-cockney image (except in America, where the image of London is still by and large a hodge-podge of My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, and Oliver Twist). The only exception is the taxi drivers, who are all members of the BNP.

Thande is known for pursuing a vendetta against London, claiming that the UK government and the BBC are obsessed with it and couldn't care less about the 80% of the population who live outside. Other people are known for ignoring him.

Chief among those, possibly, is Wanderlust, who is still naively of the opinion that any place big enough to cater for her obscure music tastes between it's darkened alleys is worth it's weight in gold.

TheDarkServant straddles the boundary between Kent and London, and depending how his feeling can claim he comes from either one.

London is of course a common setting for AHs, such as Harry Turtledove's “Ruled Britannia”. It is also just about the only British location ever to feature in the Series, and has played host to a number of meetups.

Since May 2008, London has come under the benevolent rule of Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, great-grandson of the last minister of the Ottoman Empire. Boris and his buses are sure to lead London on a shining path of hope back into the 17th century in time for the Olympics in 2012.

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