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Great Holy Grammar Inquisition

The Great Holy Grammar Inquisition grew out of the “I've officially given up on the English language” thread, started by torque7844 on April 6, 2008. After some comments regarding Grammar Nazis and the state of the English language, SnowyFox0 responded with a call to arms. Several members responded to this call, notably Gryphon and Dan1988, who became the first members of the Revolution. It was stated at this time that Archangel Michael would be the first against the wall when the revolution came. After this, the Inquisition went underground for a time.

Official Beginning

On April 10, 2008, SnowyFox0 again posted a thread in the Non-Political Chat subforum, titled the “Great Holy Grammar Inquisition”, urging members to join their cause and to expel heresy from the board. Many members responded in kind, and the Inquisition began to grow. Flocculencio is currently the Grand Inquisitor of the Great Holy Grammar Inquisition, and has proclaimed himself as such. On April 11, 2008, fortyseven was proclaimed Regimental Chaplain of the Great Holy Grammar Inquisition.

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