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The Golden Touch

A timeline by Codae, part of The Strangerverse, the collection of timelines spawned by The United States of Ameriwank. The multiversal PoD is that, instead of traveling from 2258 to 1774, the Stranger is instead sent to 866 BC. The high-tech devices do not receive an explanation, and as such, are scattered, and not used to further the Stranger's goal.

It is a highly ambitious TL, expected to cover more than three thousand years of history, and with substantial ripple effects. For instance, *Rome is founded by the exiled Tyrian royalty.

The Devices

The Phrygian plate

Purchased in Athens, and traded to Phrygia. Used by King Midas to produce divers elements, such as the gold referenced in the timeline title.

The Tyrian ring

Purchased in Athens along with the Phrygian plate; used in the coup in Tyre that resulted in the royal flight to Latium.

The others

Status unknown; believed to remain in Attica.

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