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BrianP is from Louisiana and has been a member of since December 2004. As far as political views go, BrianP once described himself as an “evil ultra-nationalistic neocon Southern Baptist right-wing nutjob Republican warmonger.” BrianP has been kicked only once (July 2005) for one week. However, he went into a self-imposed exile for awhile. Since his return, BrianP has tried to avoid controversial topics.

BrianP has contributed very little to the actual history forums of the board, other than comments on various timelines and stories. Despite many attempts, he has not successfully completed a timeline worthy of posting. One of these days, perhaps. BrianP spends most of his time lurking within the hive of scum and villany that is the chat section of the board.

BrianP tries to remind everyone that Jimmy Carter “is history's greatest monster!” in every thread involving the former U.S. President.

Not to be confused with the newer member BrianD.

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