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theman from the ministery

British 2010 member who is one of the Labor Labour members of the Politibrits. Describes himself as “I'm not a very interesting person”. Never agreed with Nick Clegg and may be a ginger. Or not, like I know. As you can tell I'm grasping at straws here. Unusually for a Labourite, is somewhat Conservative socially speaking. He will clearly grow out of it soon like all good young people.

He stopped posting in Chat for a few months after feeling out of place, but has come back with a renewed confidence and has become a valued mainstay of British political threads and timelines.

The rumour that he is actually Rowan Williams (aka Beardie) is probably that not true. The authorial voice knows that in fact he is the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Expect an announcement from the throne of St Augustine on the nature of alternate realities sometime this year.


Wrote the prologue to a short story in the universe of one of the Famous People in Alternate Realities games, which was then abandoned.

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