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As the footnote says, I'm not the writer of Christmas on a Rational Planet (a Virgin New Adventure) or Meltdown (adapted for Big Finish as "Power Play"). They're adaptations. Boom City is about halfway between (Marc Platt's original 1989 pitch to the AudioVisuals was wack, so I made sense of it).

The People from Nowhere originated as a very different idea for a Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan novella. I remember it was going to be split into four episodes, the first being Adric thrown off a staircase and having his head cracked open by school bullies, the second being Nyssa getting taken by the Shadow People, and then the third being the Doctor crying out that the Shadow People, curious about his odd physiology, need to stop as the scalpel descends... This last cliffhanger would likely be the Part One cliffhanger here, with Rachel swapped out for the Doctor.

Despair for Sale came whole cloth from my head as I was writing it. Originally it was to form a pair with another Cyberman story I plan to write called Every Little Bit Helps. I like this better; expect a race called the Lachrymoids to show up on occasion, @Timelordtoe permitting. :p (Oops, minor spoilers!)
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Overview of Season 27 of Doctor Who
Overview of Season 27 of Doctor Who

“You’ve changed appearance, I see.”​
“You haven’t.”
“Yes, well you see, I’ve been careful. What number are you on now?”
“This would be my, let me see, eighth body.”
“Eighth? Well, if it’s a midlife crisis you’re having it certainly explains why you’re so young.”
- Romana and the Eighth Doctor discuss regeneration shortly after reuniting in Closed Circle.

The People from Nowhere by @The Chimera Virus
After being condemned by the Time Lords at the end of This Sceptred Isle, the Doctor and Rachel find themselves stranded in contemporary Croydon, England with nothing except a smaller-on-the-inside TARDIS, a crummy rowhouse, and a whole lot of suspicious neighbors. Soon, UNIT comes calling with reports of strange silhouettes sneaking into homes in the dead of night and spiriting people away. There’s no apparent pattern – gender, age, sexuality, religion, location… nothing adds up. Just when everyone’s wits begin to reach their end, Rachel starts to see shadowy figures in her peripheral vision and hear distant voices that hiss for her to accept their all-consuming embrace…​
Guest Stars: Marina Sirtis as Brigadier Winifred Bambera and John Levene as Warrant Officer John Benton​

Boom City by @The Chimera Virus
Having managed to procure a makeshift relative dimensional stabilizer from the alternate dimension Rachel was drawn into in The People from Nowhere, the Doctor plots a course for Boom City. This is a huge Dyson sphere located near the epicenter of civilized space (relative to the 51st Century). While taking a look around, the Doctor and Rachel find that many people have wandered off in a trance lately, all going to work for the Emoter, a charismatic quadriplegic who used to be the Lord Mayor of Boom City until he suffered a dreadful accident. Furthermore, he has intergalactically renowned opera singer Corona Moonblink under his spell and plans to use her as an unlikely assassin by concentrating her high notes into a sonic boom to kill his successor, Lord Mayor Lyman Rex, in revenge for crippling him. The TARDIS crew must take down the Emoter, liberate his victims, and topple a government all in the span of one night.​
Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as the Emoter and Leontyne Price as Corona Moonblink​

Despair for Sale by @The Chimera Virus
Now in possession of a proper relative dimensional stabilizer, the TARDIS brings the Doctor and Rachel to Zelanix IX, a distant Earth Empire colony world. Here, humans, Draconians, and Silurians live in peace… or, well, they’re supposed to by all accounts. The time travelers find the planet under constant overcast with the occasional rumble of thunder – it’s been like this for months with not a drop of rain. The local ecosystem and agriculture are both in a very bad way. Depression has run rampant. The only other thing that stands out is a recent visit by a group of Lachrymoid salespeople. Just as the Doctor and Rachel resolve to get to the bottom of things, however, a booming, synthesized voice rings out: “Citizens of Zelanix IX, we bring you salvation. Join us and escape your sorrow; be free of all weakness. Become like us – become Cybermen.”​

The Doctor and Rachel are summoned to the Land of Fiction by its new master who has, unbeknownst to them, been installed by the Monk. He reveals that many fictional villains have escaped from the Land of Fiction, and tasks the Doctor with retrieving them. While capturing the villains will be an easy task, they find out that another escapee is the Doctor’s fictional self, whose more simplified morals are wreaking havoc on the disputed planet of Gravis V.​
Guest Star: Eric Idle as the Monk​

Closed Circle
The TARDIS is summoned back to E-Space by Romana. Romana reunites with the Doctor, commenting on his altered appearance. She reveals that the Time Lords have discovered that she is in E-Space and have sent agents from the Celestial Investigation Agency to retrieve her. As the Doctor and Romana catch up on all of their adventures since they parted ways, they must deal with the Time Lord agents coming for them both.​
Guest Stars: Lalla Ward as Romana, John Leeson as K9​

As You Were
Have you ever wondered what your past self would think of you? For the inhabitants of the planet Tarnus, they need only ask. The Doctor and Rachel are, at first, intrigued by the computer system that allows them to perform this feat. But why are the past selves becoming so judgemental towards the inhabitants’ choices? And why are they urging them to build a device that the Doctor claims will open a portal to the other side of the universe?​

Christmas on a Rational Planet by @The Chimera Virus
An end to history. An end to certainty. Is that too much to ask?”
The TARDIS crew come face-to-face with a gynoid - which the Doctor says are not built but simply exist, unlike androids, and distort the universe around them. Knowing something is wrong, the TARDIS tracks down a critical threat to reality. New York State, 1799 - the Age of Reason is ending, and Satanic conspiracies lurk around every corner. While Rachel is trapped aboard the TARDIS with someone designed especially to murder her, the Doctor is stranded in a town where festive cheer and random acts of violence go hand-in-hand. His investigation is hampered by both the evils of racism and the fact that the End of the Age of Reason isn't just something from Earth's history anymore. It will be very real consequence of what's to come unless he can stop the Carnival Queen, an entity comprised of all the irrationality purged from Time Lord souls. Christmas is coming to town, and the end of civilization is hot on its heels.​

Happy Hunting
The Doctor and Rachel continue their travels, but find that something is stalking them. Determined to find out what it is, they lay a trap for it on Rachel’s home planet, Beta Caprisis. The trap sprung, they find that it is the Master, who has been rescued from the doomed Cheetah Planet by the Time Lords. The Master reveals that he has been tasked with capturing the Doctor and taking him back to Gallifrey, after the Time Lords realise that he has repaired his TARDIS. The High Council is ordering the return of all Time Lords to prevent further damage to the Web of Time. When the Master frees himself, Rachel and the Doctor must face an already dangerous foe now armed with the latest Gallifreyan technology.​
Guest Star: J. E. Freeman as the Master​

The Black Sunrise by @Drorac
The Doctor arrives on the beaches of Iceland in the year 2430 only to find radical changes to the Earth, notably a Black Sun. All across the island there are cases of disappearances, and strange black cubes that have randomly appeared one morning, and while the Doctor tries to figure out what is going on, the Nightmare Patrol close their grip on humanity.​
Guest Star: Charlie Higson as Captain Valk [1]​
Meltdown by @The Chimera Virus
For a woman born in the 19th Century, Victoria Waterfield has adjusted well to life in the 20th. She's sure that she's doing her absent friends, the Doctor and Jamie, proud with her anti-nuclear activism. There's a new nuclear facility near Holton le Clay, and Victoria is all prepared to protest when, suddenly, she's abducted by the Pleyarec - man-sized lizards in SWAT armor. The Doctor is nearby, they inform her, and she'll be their sleeper agent… her job is to kill him and halt his vigilante meddling in "police business." Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rachel meet Victoria's protester friends and come to find out that the nuclear facility isn't all that it seems. Why do the supply trucks arrive from 600 million years ago? What does Dominic, the plant director's mysterious assistant, have to do with the Terrible Zodin? And how do the Doctor and Rachel plan to stop that fiendish femme fatale from detonating the entire plant in, oh… about one hour?​
Guest Stars: Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield and Brent Spiner as Dominic/Dominicus​

The Doctor and Rachel track the Monk down to Earth in 1974, confident that he is the source of the damage to the Web of Time. Once again, they find that history has been altered, but this time, more subtly. The Monk, however, maintains innocence, claiming that something else is causing the changes to history. When the Monk is attacked by an unseen alien foe, the Doctor and Rachel realise that they are in grave danger. Pursued across time and space by the entity, the Doctor decides to face it alone, leaving Rachel on Earth. [2]​
Guest Star: Eric Idle as the Monk​

[1] Higson's almost a complete unknown at this point, and I'm guessing that many/most of you don't know who he is. This is more of a note that he appears in the story, rather than him being a proper "guest star".
[2] This is where the story finishes, leading directly into The Dark Dimension.
So, no update tomorrow, most likely. Next update will be The Dark Dimension's plot synopsis. That's coming out on Friday, the one year anniversary of the start of this timeline. That's worked out rather nicely.
Sounds like a good season indeed.

Is there no 1st Doctor in the Crossover?
Regrettably not. While I've saved Patrick Troughton from an early demise, Richard Hurndall I have not (Even had I, he would be 83 at the time of broadcasting). I don't really know of any actors that would be a good cast for him, so I think the writers would just write him out like they did for the first two Doctors in Dimensions in Time.

On an unrelated note, I may actually put out an update tomorrow. I'm currently working on the character profile for Leslie Crusher. When that's released, there will be a couple of other threadmarked posts, but just as help for navigation.
There's allways David Bradley but I don't know if he's like. Quite old enough yet at this point.

I think the producers would likely not want to reacst since it got mixed reception in the 5 doctors.

Also I aggre. This sounds like a fun season.
Regrettably not. While I've saved Patrick Troughton from an early demise, Richard Hurndall I have not (Even had I, he would be 83 at the time of broadcasting). I don't really know of any actors that would be a good cast for him, so I think the writers would just write him out like they did for the first two Doctors in Dimensions in Time.

On an unrelated note, I may actually put out an update tomorrow. I'm currently working on the character profile for Leslie Crusher. When that's released, there will be a couple of other threadmarked posts, but just as help for navigation.
Could they use archive footage? Perhaps with new voicework on top?
Seems a bit odd not to have No1 there at the 30th?
Doctor Who: The Dark Dimension
Doctor Who: The Dark Dimension

Part I: May Memory Restore Again and Again

“Something has gone very wrong with time, Rachel. I don’t know exactly how or when, but I know. And we must do all that is in our power to fix it.”
- The Fourth Doctor speaking to Rachel and the Brigadier, after the Chronovore alters the Doctor’s personal history.

On Earth in the year 2148, humanity is nearly extinct. One of the few remaining rebel groups treks across the wasteland. Their leader, Summerfield, discovers a body on what appears to be a battlefield. Turning it over, she recognises that it is the Eighth Doctor. The group holds a funeral for the Doctor, sending his body off to sea, setting it on fire. Summerfield tells the group that they must “finish what he started”, and begin tracking the creature that killed him.

They track the being down, finding it to be made entirely of chronal energy, a Chronovore. Hypothesizing that sending it into the time vortex would kill it, Summerfield sends it back in time with an improvised time corridor. Unbeknownst to her, the being survives the journey, and arrives in England in 1937, where it takes over the body of Professor Oliver Hawkspur, a professor of Physics. Hawkspur sets off, travelling to the Pharos Project, averting the Fourth Doctor’s fatal fall. Suddenly, there is a white flash.

On Earth in 1993, the Fourth Doctor, travelling with his companions Dr. Rachel Vance and the Brigadier, realises that his personal history has been altered, but is unsure as to how. The Earth of this alternate 1993 is far more chaotic, as it is seen that Hawkspur has altered history to put himself into power on Earth, allying himself with a myriad of the Doctor’s foes. The Doctor recalls his personal history, finding memories forming of his second and third selves battling Hawkspur and losing.

During his work for the Celestial Investigation Agency, the Second Doctor is helping a group of refugees flee from the Sontaran-Rutan war. While evacuating one group, he finds that the battle has abruptly stopped, and is confronted by a squadron of Sontarans. In order to save the human refugees, the Doctor allows himself to be captured. The Sontarans take him to their ship, where Hawkspur reveals that he has put an end to the war, and has rallied the two against a common foe, the Doctor.

The Third Doctor is working with UNIT, researching psychic energy, and decides to visit Professor Herbert Clegg, a man who has developed psychic powers. While en-route, he is contacted by the Brigadier, who tells him that UNIT is under attack from giant spiders. Returning to assist UNIT, the Doctor is met by Hawkspur. Hawkspur tells the Doctor that he intercepted the package containing the Metebelis crystal, and has given it to the Eight Legs, in exchange for an alliance. Hawkspur grabs the Doctor and they disappear, leaving UNIT to be overrun.

Part II: The Smallest Colour of the Smallest Day

“I’ve lived many lives, but what I’m remembering, they’re not lives I’ve lived. Perhaps they are the lives I might have lived, had things gone differently. No, the lives I should have lived. If we can, we must save them.”
- The Fourth Doctor realises the significance of his new memories.

The Fourth Doctor, Rachel and the Brigadier hide in an abandoned London Underground station while Hawkspur’s forces patrol. The Doctor begins to receive visions of himself, but with faces he cannot recall.

The Fifth Doctor lands on the planet Androzani Minor, suddenly finding that Peri is missing. He searches the caves for her, but is captured by General Chellak after a short pursuit. Chellak takes him to Trau Morgus, who controls the mining business on Androzani Minor. Morgus keeps the Doctor under guard by androids until his “benefactor” arrives. The benefactor is revealed to be Hawkspur, who has aided Morgus by altering events to increase demand for Spectrox. In exchange, Hawkspur wanted Morgus to capture the Doctor when he arrives.

The Fourth Doctor realises that Hawkspur is capturing his past selves for some unknown reason, and begins to create a plan to free them. He tells Rachel and the Brigadier of another version of himself he saw that might be able to give them an advantage.

The Seventh Doctor arrives on the planet Karn, having received a call from across the universe. However, he finds nobody there to greet him, and decides instead to investigate the nearby castle. The castle itself is of Gallifreyan design, and the Doctor finds a cache of weapons designed by Morbius. The Doctor decides to return to the TARDIS to get equipment to safely dispose of the weapons, but is confronted by Hawkspur en-route. It is clear to the Doctor, however, that Hawkspur is unaware of the weapons, and is there for him. The Doctor manages to escape, fleeing to Earth in 2164, during the Dalek invasion of Earth. However, he finds that Hawkspur has followed him there, and takes him after the Doctor is cornered by a squadron of Special Weapons Daleks.

The Fourth Doctor realises that the faces he does not recognise are his future selves from the “correct” timeline, and that Hawkspur is intervening in history to capture every version of the Doctor from shortly before their regeneration. What Hawkspur intends to do with them, however, he does not know. He tells Rachel and the Brigadier to organise with the local rebel bands to stage an assault on Hawkspur’s fortified Houses of Parliament, from which he rules the world. While they object, the Doctor tells them that they will have a better chance of defeating Hawkspur if they know his plans, and they cannot do so without one of them confronting him.

The Doctor leaves, letting himself be captured by a patrol, who take him to Hawkspur.

Part III: Time is the School in Which We Learn

“A wise man from this planet once said ‘Time is the fire in which we burn’, Doctor. I am your fire Doctor. A testament to all of you and your kind’s damage to time itself. And now, I am here, and I will burn Gallifrey to ash, and I will make you, every version of you that ever has or will exist, watch as I destroy the Time Lords.”
- Hawkspur reveals his plans.

The Fourth Doctor is brought before Hawkspur. Hawkspur reveals that he (the Chronovore) manifested as a result of the damages to the Web of Time, and it is his purpose to rectify them. The Time Lords, he elaborates, are the cause of almost all of the damages, and so he intends to completely obliterate Time Lord society. As many of the species of the universe also hold grudges against the Time Lords, he has gathered them into a coalition to destroy them.

The Fourth Doctor is taken to a prison cell, where he finds four (Second, Third, Fifth, Seventh) of his other selves. The Fourth Doctor reveals that he is native to this timeline, unlike the others, and has the memories of each of them being captured. He also tells them that Hawkspur is unaware of the weapons on Karn, and suggests that they use the knowledge of the weapons as a distraction to get Hawkspur away from Earth momentarily.

The Fourth Doctor has another vision, this time of the Eighth Doctor. The Eighth Doctor arrives on Earth in 1986, fleeing the Chronovore. He soon finds that the Cybermen that are invading have a design much different to how they should from his memories. As he rushes to disarm the Z-bombs that the Cybermen plan to use to destroy Earth, he is captured by a group of Cybermen. He is taken aboard one of their vessels, where the Cyber-Commander comments that this is “the second Doctor that they have captured” and decides to kill the first. Hawkspur appears, having been informed of the Doctor’s capture. The Cyber Commander reveals that as they have captured two people that match the descriptions given, they have “disposed” of the first one they captured. Hawkspur rages at them, stating that he required both the First and Eighth Doctor, but will now have to make do with just the Eighth.

The Eighth Doctor is brought to the cell by Hawkspur. While Hawkspur is in earshot, the Fourth Doctor mentions the weapons on Karn. Hawkspur returns to the cell, taking the Fourth Doctor, demanding that he show him where the weapons are on Karn. They appear on Karn, where the Doctor begins to lead Hawkspur to the castle, via a circuitous route, hoping to buy as much time for his alternate selves as possible.

Back in the cell, the Second Doctor feigns injury to lure in a guard. When the guard enters, the Third Doctor takes him out with Venusian Aikido, and the five Doctors still in the cell escape. The Fifth Doctor tells the Eighth that they have been told to give a signal to the rebels, that will lead to an assault that should allow for them to escape the building. The Seventh Doctor sneaks into a communications room, broadcasting a coded message. Shortly after, the rebels attack, leading the guards in the building to defend it, leaving the Doctors free to work unimpeded. The Fifth and Seven Doctors go to a medical room to grab supplies for the rebels, instead finding their Sixth self, who has been injured by a gunshot. The Seventh Doctor recognises this as the injury that led to the Sixth Doctor regenerating.

The Second and Third Doctors begrudgingly work together to find their captured TARDISes. They find that the vault containing them is still under guard, but the Second Doctor distracts them by playing his recorder, allowing the Third Doctor to take them out and open the vault. Meanwhile, on Karn, the Fourth Doctor leads Hawkspur into the castle, revealing the cache of weapons. As Hawkspur takes stock of them, the Fourth Doctor is rescued by the Third Doctor in his TARDIS. Hawkspur rages again as he realises the deception.

The other Doctors take their own TARDISes, with the Sixth Doctor momentarily patched up by the Fifth and Seventh. The Fourth Doctor returns to Rachel and the Brigadier, who reveals that although they have the upper hand for now, there is still work to be done is defeating Hawkspur.

Part IV: Time is the Fire in Which We Burn

“A small sacrifice to make, for my own continued existence, don’t you think? I know now that my future is in safe hands.”
- The Fourth Doctor realises what he must do to defeat Hawkspur.

The Fourth Doctor picks up Rachel and the Brigadier, to whom he explains that he and his other selves are splitting up for the moment, but are going to reconvene on Earth in 2148, which they have identified as the point where the Chronovore is most vulnerable.

Hawkspur returns to his fortress, finding that all the Doctors have escaped. He tracks them to 2148 Earth, where he originally killed the Eighth Doctor, creating this new timeline. Hawkspur travels there, finding the seven Doctors waiting for him. As he goes to attack the Second Doctor, he finds himself trapped inside an energy field. The Fourth Doctor explains that they knew he would follow them there, and improvised a device to trap him in chronal energy. Hawkspur attempts to teleport out with his abilities, but is unable to. The Fifth Doctor activates a device, causing the TARDISes to transmit beams of chronal energy into Hawkspur, hoping to obliterate him from the timestream, removing any effects of his ever existing.

However, the energy empowers Hawkspur, who is then able to break out of the energy field. He declares that the Doctor will not live to see Gallifrey burn, and disappears. The Second Doctor suddenly disappears too, and the Doctors realise that Hawkspur is erasing the Doctor from history. The Fourth Doctor realises that Hawkspur could be destroyed by a time ram from a TARDIS, but doing so would destroy the version of the Doctor that did so, and their TARDIS too. The Eighth Doctor initially volunteers, but the Fourth Doctor says that he must do it instead, as this version of him would vanish when the timeline is destroyed. The Fourth Doctor bids farewell to his other selves, Rachel and the Brigadier, returning to his TARDIS. There, he performs a time ram on Hawkspur, obliterating the Chronovore, and erasing the changes he made to history.

The Eighth Doctor wakes up in his TARDIS with Rachel, retaining his memories of the event. However, he realises that his existence is still at stake, as while the Fourth Doctor no longer survives his fall from the Pharos Project, he is not regenerating, as the Watcher seems to be absent from history. He echoes the words of the alternate Fourth Doctor he met, and tells Rachel that he must leave her, on Earth, remarking that he may return for her some day, but that he will be different.

The Eighth Doctor travels across his own time stream, observing the events leading up to his fourth regeneration. Due to his existence still being undecided, he cannot properly be perceived by the Doctor or his companions, instead appearing as a ghostly white figure. The Eighth Doctor intervenes to ensure that events play out as they should, finally arriving before the Fourth Doctor, dying. The Doctor’s injuries are stopping the regeneration process from beginning, but the Eighth Doctor realises that he can cause it by providing “a little push” as K’ampo had for his third regeneration. However, as the Doctor is unskilled, he cannot do so without causing himself to regenerate.

The Fourth Doctor sees his future self, remarking “It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for”, as the form of the Eighth Doctor becomes clearer to him. The Eighth Doctor provides the ‘jump-start’ for his fourth regeneration, and returns to his own TARDIS, weakening as his own regeneration process begins. As he collapses on the floor of his TARDIS, he is engulfed by white light, then awakens renewed in a new body. The Ninth Doctor is here.

Ninth Doctor.png


Cast of The Dark Dimension:
  • The Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker​
  • Professor Oliver Hawkspur – Malcolm McDowell​
  • The Eighth Doctor – Siddig El-Fadil​
  • Dr. Rachel Vance – Gillian Anderson​
  • The Brigadier – Nicholas Courtney​
  • The Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton​
  • The Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee​
  • The Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison​
  • The Sixth Doctor – Christopher Lloyd​
  • The Seventh Doctor – Hugh Laurie​
  • The First Doctor – William Hartnell (archive footage)​
  • The Ninth Doctor – Avery Brooks​

So, this timeline is one year old, and the timing of this ended up working really well. Biggest Doctor Who yet, and I'm pretty happy with the story. All the Doctors get a chance to shine if the actor wants it. Also, as you can tell, you sort of shifted me over with the First Doctor. While he only appears tangentially, as the First Doctor is killed, I thought I'd bring him in anyway. Also, you finally know who the Ninth Doctor is, and why Avery Brooks couldn't play Sisko when he was offered the role. I'd be more than happy to hear your feedback on the story. There's a few pretty blatant references to OTL's Star Trek Generations with the episode titles and the quote Hawkspur gets. I've also tied up the "what is the Watcher?" question, which may annoy some of you, but I think it bookends the story nicely. Hawkspur stops the Doctor from dying there, and the Doctor decides to die there twice. There's a lot of stuff here that will be important down the line, but that's all to come. Next update, casting for Season 28 of Doctor Who. Then a bit of a break from Who and Trek for a couple of updates.
This special was fantastic. I actually really enjoyed the call back to the Watcher. And I enjoyed all the choices of villains for the flashbacks. It does sound rather busy. But that is to be expected for a story this like.

And I have to say. I love Brooks as a pick. It acatully makes a lot of sense since apparently a big reason why he did DS9 was to get to bring a strong black character into a major Scifi show. So I can see him taking up the role. He has the right mix of humor and intensity.

This is great!
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(TNG) Ensign Leslie Crusher - Profile
Ensign Leslie Crusher - Profile


Ensign Leslie Crusher was played by American actress Carla Gugino. [1]​

Leslie Crusher was a regular character for the first six seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was the daughter of Jack and Beverly Crusher, and was portrayed by Carla Gugino.

Initial critical response to the character of Leslie Crusher was negative, with many considering the character to be a “Mary Sue”. Later seasons toned these characteristics down, and Crusher became a more popular character among the fan base.

In-universe, Leslie Crusher initially comes aboard the Enterprise-D with her mother, Dr Beverly Crusher, who is to be the ship’s Chief Medical Officer. Initially, Picard has trouble dealing with the younger Crusher, as he is uncomfortable around children. Eventually, Picard realises the level of Leslie’s skills and appoints her as an Acting Ensign. This is made into a full field promotion following the events of The Best of Both Worlds. [2]

Initially, much of Leslie’s character was defined by her relationship to her mother. When Dr Crusher leaves to head up Starfleet Medical following the first season, Leslie decides to remain aboard. In this time, she becomes more friendly with Data, La Forge and much of the engineering crew. From the third season onwards, she strikes up a friendship with new tactical officer Ensign Andrew Kelly (Christian Slater). This quickly proves to be her most solid friendship on board the ship, as the two begin appearing together more and more often.

Had Gugino and Slater stayed beyond the sixth season, Rick Berman revealed that the writing would have hinted at a romantic relationship between the two of them. However, Leslie Crusher was written out of the show when Gugino decided to focus on her film career. Her character was seemingly killed when the Enterprise-D crash landed during All Good Things…, though beta canon would suggest that she had been rescued by the Traveller, hence her body never being found. [3]

Although All Good Things… (Part I) would be Carla Gugino’s final appearance in the franchise, her death would prove to be an important moment for the franchise, marking the moment where it began to take a darker turn, straying from the idealism of Gene Roddenberry. Her death would greatly affect Ensign, later Lieutenant, Kelly during his time at Deep Space Nine.

The fact that she had died under Captain Picard’s command, as her father had, would be of importance during the seventh season story The Departed, where Picard is reunited with Dr Beverly Crusher.

Gugino’s leaving the series left a space for a new series regular. This was taken up by Michelle Forbes, whose character of Ensign Ro Laren would take up Crusher’s position as Helmsman. [4]

Despite a rocky start, Leslie Crusher would become a well liked character, with many younger female fans cosplaying as her at conventions. Though not one of the fan favourites, she would become very important to the franchise, even after her death. [5]

[1] I had a really hard time making an image of Gugino in a Starfleet uniform, so you get this. I may come back and have another go later on in the timeline.
[2] As the events of Menage a Troi never occur, her promotion happens slightly later than Wesley's in OTL.
[3] A couple of things here. I wanted to mention that Kelly/Crusher was a big fan ship ITTL, but couldn't find a place to put it, so I just had this mentioned instead. Also, this is why they don't find her body. The producers wanted to leave a slight possibility that she had survived.
[4] A little reveal here. Kelly won't be getting a replacement on the ship, Worf will just get his job as tactical officer back as well as being Chief of Security. So while Michelle Forbes wasn't interested in Deep Space Nine, I could see her sticking around for the last two seasons of The Next Generation.
[5] And a little nod to the fans. Just after this update, I'll be putting up an "appendix" update and moving a few of the threadmarks around. As I'm starting to do non-Doctor Who character profiles, I needed somewhere to put them, and I've found a solution.
Appendix - Character Profiles, Meta Updates, and other Miscellania

Welcome to the Appendix. This is where I will put Character Profiles, Meta Updates, and the like. This is to provide me with a clear place to put updates that I want to write, but have no good place in the timeline. Some guidelines for what will appear here and when:

An update will be put here if it does not "take place" at a specific time. As a result, the "supplemental" updates, of which there is only one at the time of writing, will not be placed here, as they report on the state of something at a particular point. However, Meta updates such as retrospectives will appear here, as will Character Profiles. In time, the profiles will likely be expanded to beyond just characters, also covering ships in the Star Trek universe that are substantially different from OTL or particular concepts that become important.

To prevent spoilers, or unifinished updates, Character Profiles will not be released until the character has made their final appearance, apart from the various Doctors, and other places where I deem it necessary.

This post will be updated periodically with links to the various updates within the appendix:

Doctor Who
Star Trek: The Next Generation
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This post will be updated with links to the various updates within the appendix:
You can also put threadmarks in whatever order you want, so that all of the Character Profiles and such are together with the Appendix in the Threadmark index.
*checks* and you've already done this.
Nice chapter there and I like that profile.

Giving Crusher friends his age was always the problem with Wesley, so good step around that here.

Avery Brooks as The Doctor? Well that should be interesting....
Chapter XXXIX: "The Moment Has Been Prepared For"
Part II, Chapter XXXIX: "The Moment Has Been Prepared For"

“1993 was without a doubt, the biggest year for my career. After all, I got offers from both of the big science fiction franchises of the time to play the lead character in a television show. In the end, Doctor Who got in first, so I took them up. I had a good time there, even is a lot of the other cast and crew didn’t. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve revisited the character so much. I always felt like he had unfinished business.”​
- Avery Brooks, taken from An Adventure in Space and Time. [1]

When Siddig El-Fadil announced his intention to leave Doctor Who following its twenty-seventh season, the fans began speculating as to who would replace him. Taking inspiration from the casting of Siddig, some fans believed that the Ninth Doctor would be played by an actor who had guest starred in the show. Others thought that the producers would opt for another actor from a minority background, to further promote the show’s themes of diversity.

This latter group’s theorising would be confirmed when the announcement was made in mid-1993 that the Ninth Doctor would be portrayed by Avery Brooks, an African-American actor. Brooks’s name had been floated as a possibility during the casting of the Eighth Doctor, so many fans were unsurprised by his casting. Prior to his work in Doctor Who, Brooks was best known for his role as “Hawk” in the Spenser television series, and its spinoff, A Man Called Hawk.

It was the hope of the producers that by casting an African-American actor in the role of the Doctor, they could continue to explore the themes of prejudice and racism that they had begun to with the Eighth Doctor. [2]

In contrast to the casting of the Seventh or Eighth Doctors, Brooks was offered the role without auditioning. In fact, no auditions for the character were held, as the producers had already settled on Brooks as a first choice. Andrew Cartmel, head writer, was particularly keen on Brooks, as he saw that Brooks was capable of bringing the mix of humour and seriousness that the role of the Doctor so often demanded.

It was Cartmel’s hope that Brooks could bring a darker, but still well-humoured, version of the Doctor to the screen, as he intended to continue with his plans of exploring the past of the Doctor and Time Lord society. [3]

But every Doctor needs a companion, and Gillian Anderson had also made it clear that if Siddig was leaving, she would be too. As a result, a new companion needed to be written and cast. Cartmel created the character of Jennifer Davies, a student at the University of Washington. Making the companion a student would, it was the writers’ hope, allow for the show to make a soft return to its roots as an educational program.

In casting the role of Jennifer, Cartmel decided that he wanted a young American woman, as had been the case with the previous three female companions. Many actresses auditioned, but eventually the role was won by actress Winona Ryder. Ryder was best known for her role as Lydia Deets in the 1988 film Beetlejuice, but had fallen into relative obscurity since then. [4]

From a more technical standpoint, Season 27 of Doctor Who would also be the final season to feature musician Lindsey Buckingham as the composer for the show. Buckingham was hoping to get back into mainstream music, and felt that his work with Doctor Who was holding him back in that regard.

Buckingham’s past with Fleetwood Mac had lent the show’s music a different feel, and the producers were keen to get another musician with a background in popular music on board to replace him. Initially, they approached Hans Zimmer, who had recently begun working in popular music, but was busy with The Lion King, an upcoming Disney film.

In fact, the new composers would approach the producers on the show, offering their services. Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, both members of the recently disbanded New Order, were fans of the show, and upon hearing of Buckingham’s departure, were interested in taking his place. The producers agreed to bring them on, and they would begin scoring with Season 28, to be released in 1994. [5]

As 1994 came, Doctor Who was fresh off of a successful anniversary story, with a new Doctor and companion. The fandom seemed more excited than ever for the next season of the show, and it looked as though nothing could go wrong. [6]

[1] There was a time not too long ago when I wouldn't dare hinting as strongly as to what will happen as I am in this update.
[2] The Ninth Doctor's skin colour will by no means be his defining feature, but it will be important at some points, because well, this is a show involving time travel where the characters often go the the past.
[3] The Cartmel Masterplan is BACK! Coincidentally, that is also the name of the document where I plan who will be the Doctor and their companions, but for different reasons.
[4] I'll make this clear in another update, but Heathers ITTL has two different leads to OTL. While in OTL we got Ryder and Slater, ITTL we have Brad Pitt and Jennifer Connelly. As a result, Ryder's film career hasn't taken off like it has in OTL, which has some other surprisingly major effects down the line.
[5] I must thank @Time Enough for bringing these two to my attention. He suggested them right at the beginning of this timeline, and I've finally found a way to use them.
[6] As I said in the first footnote. I'm hinting much more strongly now than I used to. Helps to build suspense in the story. Nice.
I wonder if some fan dismiss any Doctor Who without an British actor in the lead role as 'non-canon'?

Seems a very American production now.
I have an idea on who can play Martha Dunnstock in TTL's version of Heathers: Ricki Lake; it'd be an interesting change of role for Lake (she played Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 version of Hairspray) and she was plus-sized at the time (not that there's anything wrong with that)...