Weekly Flag Challenge: New Challenges & Previous Winners

Good after-noon! :)

Challange: Create an imaginative flag for a British Dominion of India that DOES NOT Include the Star of India or IS NOT a defaced ensign. Good Luck :).

The contest ends on 11:24 A.M., Tuesday 13 October 2009, in the 'UTC+0' time-zone.

Just a re-minder that entries are to be posted in the thread entitled 'Weekly Flag Challenge: Discussion & Entries', not here.

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Good after-noon! :)



Other contestants:

- Fabrondi
- Nymain1
- OAM47
- Shaucker
- The Professor
- Transparent Blue

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New Challenge: Dissolved Belgium - a Felmish Flag for an independent Flanders (a new design, not the provinical flag now).

Entries to be posted prior to 11:33 EST Friday Oct. 23
The next challenge is:

A flag of the Republic of North Carolina in a world where the Thirteen Colonies failed to unite.

As per the new rules, you have four days from the time of this post to submit your entries. Remember to post your entries in the
'Weekly Flag Challenge: Discussion & Entries' thread, not here.

Good luck!

Entries are due at 11:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4) on October 30, 2009.
Winner #3: Rubberduck3y6!


"As with others, the red and yellow are for England and Charles I. The ship and the blue are for North Carolina's maritime history and Sir Walter Raleigh."

Congratulations, and have fun picking the next challenge!
As you may have already found out, the winner #4 is Raymann!

'Flag is from a North American Federation that united over a much worse Cold War. NORAD lead to even greater military integration with economic then political union later.'

Other entries in the voting thread here.

Congratulations to Raymann and well done and thank you to everyone who entered!


The next challenge will be:

A flag for a modern, republican Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Entries should be posted in the Discussion & Entries thread before 3:30 pm EST on Saturday, November 14th 2009.

Have at thee!


Looks like the victory wreath goes to Lord Grattan!

Red field and Easter lily garlands (St. Casimir) for Poland. Blue field and cross of Lorraine (Vytis) for Luthuania.

The next challenge is a little different (I hope this works):

A flag for a Scandinavian/Baltic nation of your choice and in the century of your choice - Pre 1900- using one of the letters of the (elder futhark) runic alphabet as the flag's primary charge/symbol.

Entries should be posted in the Discussion & Entries thread before 11:45 pm EST on Wednesday, November 25, 2009.

Have fun!

Further information on the Runic Alphabet can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elder_Futhark

THIS WEEK'S WINNER IS .............................
Rubberduck3y6 - our 1st repeat winner - Congratulations!

The flag of Iceland. The central circular design is based on the Ansuz rune, the 'God rune' which ITL has evolved to represent the Christian God in Scandinavia, taking the place of the cross IOTL. The blue and white represent the sea and the land respectively. The five stripes are simply echoing the central design.


All enteries and the vote count may be found here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=142370
The seventh challenge is now over, and contragulations go to Highlander for his flag of a steampunk German empire colonising Mars.


Voting and the rest of the entries can be found here.


Eighth round is over! Congratulations to The Proffessor for his winning flag!

Also kudos to Rubberducky, whom was the only other contestant for this round.

Based upon this timeline . . .

1763: The southern portion of the Spanish Viceroyalty of New Spain is acquired by Great Britain and named British Tropical America.

1822-26: Amid the violent revolutionary firestorm sweeping through Spain’s colonial empire in South and North America, the 7 provinces of British Tropical America make a relatively peaceful transition from colony to autonomous nation, the Dominion of Tropicana.

1847: American soldier of fortune Jim Polk is hanged for his role is the Belizean Rebellion.

1899: Isthmian America becomes a world crossroads when the Darien Canal, in Tropicana’s Panama Province, is officially opened, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

1960: Tropicana achieves full sovereignty. Like several other former British colonies, such as Canada, the reigning British monarch is also King or Queen of Tropicana. In January 1960, following a nation-wide contest, a new flag was chosen for Tropicana.

Your challenge is to design a flag for Tropicana (No orange juice jokes or flags please)

Enteries should be posted in the Discussion & Entries thread (https://www.alternatehistory.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=136905&page=6) before 7:00pm EST on Saturday, January 23, 2010.

Good luck.