1. GameBawesome

    Challenge: Alternative Flag Designs to the Tricolor

    The Tricolor. One of the most famous and iconic flag designs in the word. There are two types of Tricolor flags; Horizontal Triband and Vertical Triband. The Dutch used the Horizontal Triband, which went onto influence designs from Russia, Germany, Hungary, India, and various African Nations...
  2. Starforce

    Flag Thread V

    The previous flag thread, listed here is dangerously closed to hitting the 500 page limit. I have created this one to function as the next flag thread when that time comes. The previous flag thread is linked here: Long live...
  3. Marc Pasquin

    What if all countries had to use flags with canton and stripes ?

    In the tradition of other thread regarding all nations using the same style of flags, What if all countries had to use flags with canton and stripes ? I'm talking here about the US, Greece, Uruguay and others. To get things started, here is the C&S flag of the Kingdom of France. The canton...
  4. XO Maenadicus

    USFD (Unified Simple Flag Design)

    Inspired by @Me! 's flag designing, I decided to simplify things even further. All flags must be 3:4. All flags must be a white emblem symbolizing the country, on a background of the country's TOASTER colour. That's it.
  5. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge - Guide for Winners

    Congratulations on winning the Weekly Flag Challenge! This easy guide will take you through the steps of what to do next. The Weekly Flag Challenge works like the Eurovision Song Contest. The winner of a round has the privilege of choosing the theme for the next round and setting it up. 1.)...
  6. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge - Guide for Volunteers

    Welcome to the club. 1.) Familiarise yourself with the rules Read the main post. 2.) Oversee the rounds Oversee the administration and check if anything is breaking the rules or off schedule. If something is wrong, give a gentle reminder to the challenge organizer. 3.) If you are asked to...
  7. Map Thread XIV

    I noticed the map thread is pretty much full, so I'll do you guys a favor and put this up. Link to the previous thread: Map Thread XIII
  8. Flag Thread IV

    The previous flag thread was closed due to having too many messages. It can be found here: The flag thread is dead. Long live the flag thread!
  9. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge: New Challenges & Previous Winners

    DO NOT POST HERE UNLESS YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO. Refer to the Discussion & Entries thread for details and rules.
  10. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge: Discussion & Entries

    The Weekly Flag Challenge (WFC) was started in 2009, as an effort to supplant the scattered and overly one-shot flag challenges that dominated the board until then, with a regular, professionally organized competition. Taking inspiration from the Map of the Fortnight map challenge project, the...