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  1. Petike

    Weekly Flag Challenge #224 Voting poll

    Weekly Flag Challenge 224: Nunarput og Førroyar
  2. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis
    Threadmarks: Challenge and entries

    This was the challenge: Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis Atlantis ... island of myth and legend. Your challenge is to design a flag for this fabled land. You may use any Atlantis you want, from the original Greek stories to modern science fiction versions, or make up your own back-story. (If...
  3. Petike

    Weekly Flag Challenge #187 Voting

    The challenge for round 187 of the Weekly Flag Challenge was: Voting will close on Monday, 14 May 2018. ---- Entries of round 187:
  4. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge referendum: Abolish image size limit?

    Currently, the Weekly Flag Challenge rules require that all flag entries must fit within a 400px by 800px rectangle, or if it part of a multiple-flag entry, a 200px by 400px rectangle. This rule was instated because some users would enter very large images that would make it difficult to compare...
  5. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge - Guide for Winners

    Congratulations on winning the Weekly Flag Challenge! This easy guide will take you through the steps of what to do next. The Weekly Flag Challenge works like the Eurovision Song Contest. The winner of a round has the privilege of choosing the theme for the next round and setting it up. 1.)...
  6. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge - Guide for Volunteers

    Welcome to the club. 1.) Familiarise yourself with the rules Read the main post. 2.) Oversee the rounds Oversee the administration and check if anything is breaking the rules or off schedule. If something is wrong, give a gentle reminder to the challenge organizer. 3.) If you are asked to...
  7. Petike

    Flag Challenge 139 - Voting Thread

    The challenge for round 139 was... Voting will end on Friday February 12th 2016
  8. Petike

    Flag Challenge 137 - Voting Thread

    The challenge for round 137 was... Voting has been augmented to start on the 18th, and now closes on the 25th, i.e. Christmas Day. ---- The entries: Feel free to vote and let the best design win.
  9. Petike

    Flag Challenge 136 (erroneously 137) - Voting Thread

    Richard IV's challenge for round 136 was... ---- The entries: The latest voting thread for the latest round has arrived ! Feel free to vote and let the best design win.
  10. Petike

    Voting Flag Challenge #121

    As The Professor has gone silent since Monday for some reason, I've decided to set up the poll for this round, as it's been already over since Monday night. In the end, we had four flag entries for the alternate American Revolutionary War and its successor states. Here they are: 5 days to...
  11. Petike

    Flag Challenge Round 89 Voting Poll

    Since Richard seems to have forgotten or doesn't have time now due to work, I've decided to manage the voting poll for Round 89. The topic of this round was : Design a flag for an alternate timeline Mutual Defence Organisation existing any time between 1850 and 2012, naming the member...
  12. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge: New Challenges & Previous Winners

    DO NOT POST HERE UNLESS YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO. Refer to the Discussion & Entries thread for details and rules.
  13. Transparent Blue

    Weekly Flag Challenge: Discussion & Entries

    The Weekly Flag Challenge (WFC) was started in 2009, as an effort to supplant the scattered and overly one-shot flag challenges that dominated the board until then, with a regular, professionally organized competition. Taking inspiration from the Map of the Fortnight map challenge project, the...