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I don't know if it belongs here but, well, I have a book coming out in the very near future...

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I made the cover in about 20 minutes on Paint. Yes it's amateurish but I don't have the money for something professional - gonna try Canva before I settle on this though.
This is the correct place to mention your book, congratulations by the way.
Speaking of the 1632 series, the original author of the series Eric Flint died on Sunday.

Sorry about derailing the thread.
RIP Eric Flint
Barring a couple of changes to the exact colour shades, this will probably be my book's final cover (my name's been covered up for the time being - still pondering whether to go by an alias but I guess there's no harm in my real name eventually). I'l be honest - having made it myself, I'm pretty proud of it. Reminds me of those old pulp-y covers.

If you'd like a pitch, it's a line-by-line retelling of the original text with the setting altered to modern-day Cornwall, and when I say line-by-line I really mean it. Everything that happens in the original book happens, in its own way, in this, down to some of the tiniest details, while being adapted for a modern setting and toyed with and often subverted or inverted, and being expanded upon and explored further and incorporated into a narrative which takes on the same horror, political satire, and slice of life observation as the original. Its word count is, I think, 3 times that of the original HG Wells book. To tell you the truth, I'm quite proud of it. Is it perfect? Probably not. But I think I did quite well.

Folks who've known me on this site for a while must have stopped reading a while back, unable to deal with the astonishment that I, Star Eater, began a needlessly ambitious project and then actually finished it ;)

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