Upcoming AH books


Agreed. It's really rather sad. Turtledove introduced me to Alternate History with the WorldWar series, and now he's devolved into an author I only check out from the library.

I don't like HT anymore

After going through that horrific shit on the awkward sex, inability of the outside world, and historical inaccuracies in TL-191, I just had enough.....
Should I check the Tsouras novels? They look really interesting, I like that AH scenario.

I've got the first one. It's not a Trent War scenario -- it's something that develops later, but I can't tell if that's a knowing nod to the horrible state of American organization in the early war or merely his way of ensuring the most advanced weapons heading into his world war.

I'd suggest getting the first from the library. That way, if you like it, you can pick up the second one from the bookstore when it comes out in March.
Ahh Conroy, my guilty pleasure. Looks fun. Is it a sequel to his 1st 1945, which did leave for a sequel in the style this is very obviously going to be, or a new story entirely?

This is a completely different story. In it Truman orders troops to enter Berlin as the Soviets are invading. Stalin freaks and orders operations against the Western Alies.
Don't forget the latest edition of Tsouras' new series, which is sure to ignite another 20-page argument about the virtues and vices of American and British ironclad warships of the mid 19th century:


I just got a notice from Amazon that the book is shipping late; the release date is shown both there and at bn.com as June 30. (I forget what the original date was.)
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