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  • VanDun

  • In regards to your ECW thread did the WWF buy it out, what with their Publishing telling ECW's story? Also it's minor but did you forget you brought in LuFisto to the House of Hardcore or were you waiting to bring her in later? Just curious.
    That's the original idea I had for the ending of the timeline as part of a epilogue chapter. Covering events after WCW has imploded, ECW becomes the new number 2 and the wrestling world between that point and now. Lu Fisto is actually in a big show match in a upcoming part if I ever get round to finish it.
    CultBoy 1
    I'll be able to write consistently again soon properly as I'm no longer doing 80+ hours weeks plus a new baby. Just evenings and nights plus a toddler and one year old.
  • Heavy1


  • I was re-watching your ECW thread and I didn't want to necro it so I'll ask were you building up to a massive walkout by the WCW wrestlers leaving WCW with only the NWO and there hangers on?
    CultBoy 1
    Yeah im still working gradually on the next update which features a small walk out. The next few updates would see WCW enter the start of it's terminal decline phase, off the back of a couple more disasters/bad booking.
  • kinnikuniverse

  • Hello!

    Love your wrestling and American rugby thread! In fact, the latter inspired me to make my own alternate north american sports thread!

    Right now, it's only a list of champions for the American and Canadian rugby leagues. As you will see, I did a mix of both NFL teams and actual American rugby clubs. Feel free to take a look if you have the time!
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    I will tonight I'm just at work at the minute.
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