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So apparently George Galloway (yes, that George Galloway) has tweeted that he's written an alternate history "Sealion Succeeded" book.


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Happy New Year 2020 everyone. This book is technically Sea Lion Press' last release of 2019, as it came out yesterday! It is also a foray into an unexplored realm for the alternate history genre - alternate cuisine!

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Today, Sea Lion Press moves into the culinary arena with our first recipe book. This brilliant and innovative spin on alternate history by Andrew Brooks and Ekaterina Odnostorontseva charts the cross-dimensional travels of two foodies looking to explore England's capital city in multiple timelines – and try whatever the local cuisine is in the world they find themselves in.


Complete with the recipes necessary to recreate the meals experienced, the book provides insights into twelve Londons, in worlds where Rome survived, or the Viking kings remained on the throne, or Lord Halifax came to an accord with Hitler, or a London that became distinctly Scottish after Victoria married the Duke of Argyll. The settings are imaginative, and the recipes delicious. We're proud to be publishing it as our last release of 2019 – make it the first book you read in 2020 by heading over to its entry in Our Books.

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London. One of the great cities of the world. Regardless of the history, it’s one of the great cities.

Twelve different histories, and the current London from each. What are they like to visit? What is needed is a tour guide, something that covers everything that a visitor might want to know for a holiday here.

Sport, culture, shopping, dining, it’s all here. There is even a selection of recipes from each London, tested and ready for you to try out and use, to get your very own taste of London.

Whichever London you’re thinking of visiting, Andrew and Ekaterina will give you a pre-visit tour guide. Be it Norse, Caledonian, Roman, or something else, there will be something for every taste.

Genres are tricky, but I would like to recommend this book which I much enjoyed publishing (even enjoyed the numerous editing sessions!)


Nicholas Farraway is dead. It had taken him a while to come to terms with this basic and yet jarring fact, but finally, in time he had learnt to accept it.

As far as Farraway is concerned, his first year and a bit of death has been a distinct disappointment; as is Heaven itself. He has so many questions: such as why are angels so arrogant; Why are there no children; and why does he work in surveillance if G-d is supposedly all-seeing?

Then one day, he sees something so shocking it shatters all his previous perceptions and leads him on an inevitable path towards ….


There is a Kindle version which for some reason is not showing as linked, yet

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I have a new book.

They thought he could help.
The First Man in Space was under pressure. He had to regain his flight status. A friend had died for him. And from all over the Soviet Union, workers and other proletarians wrote him begging for help. Sometimes he could help
And now, he was beginning to think, the Soviet Union was going the wrong way, a very wrong way.
They might decide to solve some matters. A dead hero can't disagree with the authorities.
So he reached out, to someone he had met, someone who was known, someone he thought he could trust.
Then, on a cold and clear Christmas night, he took the most daring step -- and the world changed.

In a tale of space flight, spying, and politics, people who thought they would never get into that sort of thing now found themselves propelled into it. A turbulent and tumultuous world is shaken into a different path, as leaders react to embarrassment with a desire for prestige, where the wish of a pilot is brought closer to coming through, and famous men are brought together, to find that enemies are more like them than they had imagined.
Russian scientist Kirill Eskov, known for The Last Ringbearer, an alternative take on The Lord of the Rings, has written a what-if take on Russian America.

What if Russia, instead of selling Alaska, had expanded its overseas possessions south, and discovered Californian gold? What if, left to their own devices far away from their government, the Russian colonists established the kind of free society others could only begin to dream of?

America could have been quite different if that game could have been reloaded.

Free download at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/991362