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Famous People Who Never Lived by K.Chess

For readers of Station Eleven and Exit West, Famous Men Who Never Lived explores the effects of displacement on our identities, the communities that come together through circumstance, and the power of art to save us.

Wherever Hel looks, New York City is both reassuringly familiar and terribly wrong. As one of the thousands who fled the outbreak of nuclear war in an alternate United States―an alternate timeline―she finds herself living as a refugee in our own not-so-parallel New York. The slang and technology are foreign to her, the politics and art unrecognizable. While others, like her partner Vikram, attempt to assimilate, Hel refuses to reclaim her former career or create a new life. Instead, she obsessively rereads Vikram’s copy of The Pyronauts―a science fiction masterwork in her world that now only exists as a single flimsy paperback―and becomes determined to create a museum dedicated to preserving the remaining artifacts and memories of her vanished culture.

But the refugees are unwelcome and Hel’s efforts are met with either indifference or hostility. And when the only copy of The Pyronauts goes missing, Hel must decide how far she is willing to go to recover it and finally face her own anger, guilt, and grief over what she has truly lost.

As noted on the Verge, "Chess doesn’t fall into a trap of documenting every little difference. Instead, she doles out the changes little by little: cars there are sort of automated pods, nuclear power is prevalent, and a history that didn’t include the Nazi party meant that the swastika was really something that symbolized luck. That world’s scientists also began to develop a gate technology to allow people to travel to alternate worlds. Then, disaster strikes, and more than 156,000 refugees walk on a one-way trip into an unknown dimension: our own world. The novel picks up three years after that influx, as the newcomers are figuring out how to live in our reality.

Hel is one of those individuals — UDPs, or Universally Displaced Persons — who has been having trouble adjusting to her new life. Like her fellow travelers, she faces bigotry while trying to move forward through grief at the loss of her entire world. Some of her fellow UDPs have made the best of their new situation: an infectious diseases doctor named Carlos Oliveira (who, incidentally, is missing both of his hands and has had his forearms reworked into pincers in an illustrative example of the differences between the two worlds) has become known worldwide and is widely seen as a face of the UDP population. On the other hand, a UDP named Joslan Micallef brutally killed a woman and ignited plenty of anti-UDP sentiment in our world...."

Mark Twain on the Moon is my new alternate history series that I hope you'll enjoy. It's very 19th century, sort of a Jules Verne plot/setting with a Mark Twain voice/characters. The first book (novella-length teaser) has been out a couple weeks and doing well so far (14 reviews; hit Amazon bestsellers in a few categories including Alternate History, Steampunk, and SFF Short Reads). Second full-length adventure coming soon!

In an alternate 19th century, young Samuel Clemens sets out for the mining camps of America’s wildest frontier: the Moon. Travel with Sam and his partner Calvin as they venture into the desolate, deadly wastes of the Mare Imbrium and the Montes Caucasus, in search of wonders, adventure, and a fortune in precious water ice.
This is Prospectors!, the opening salvo in the epic saga of Mark Twain on the Moon, as told by the alternate Mark Twain himself.

You can get it on Amazon here, it's available as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook (the narrator is fantastic, I really got lucky finding him). Questions & feedback welcome of course!
Release of my new AH book. Unfortunately its only in French, so this announcement is only for people who read French.

After the twists and turns in the last meters of the last straight, Cycle 2 of Au Bord du Abîme is available in paperback format and ebook kindle.

Paperback: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/1096618435
Kindle ebook: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07RQ8KLK6

"The Iron Curtain divides Europe and the tension is rising. Two blocs oppose: the Communists on one side with the USSR, then China as main spearheads; the anticommunists of the other with the United States, Japan and the former colonial powers. Decolonization begins in the post-war chaos; insurrections and civil wars flourish. In this uchronic and even more chaotic world, there is little chance of avoiding the horrors and tragedies that are sometimes little known about a not-so-cold war. Welcome back to Au Bord de l'Abîme (contains more than two hundred illustrations). "
The book is 811 pages contains more than 200 illustrations, flags, maps...

For the owners of kobo or other type of reader who would like to buy the book in epub format, you will have to contact me directly. Indeed, although Cycle 1 is available on Kobo, the sequel will not see be release there. This is due to the technical limitations of the kobo platform, which is unable to manage / convert a file of more than 100 MB. It's all the more unfortunate that I was able to create the epub file in 2 clicks on my side.

This release comes with a little surprise: a new Paperback edition of Cycle 1.
Paperback: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/1096625156

This new edition has a new cover and a reworked layout in line with that of cycle 2. This has the effect of reducing pagination and therefore the cost of manufacturing. This second edition is therefore 2 € cheaper than before and is a little more compact. It also contains some bonus illustrations at the end of the book.
Northern Fury: H-Hour by Bart Gauvin and Joel Radunzel

A combination adaptation of a CMANO scenario set (much like Red Storm Rising was to Harpoon) and a love letter to the classic RSR/Arc Light style Russo-American World War III book, it released not long ago and can be bought on Amazon here.
I've just spotted something that has not made Uchronia yet...

The Ottoman Secret by Raymond Khoury


As a respected special investigator for the state police, Kamal Agha is committed to keeping the empire safe from threats inside and out. But these are dangerous times in the empire. Under the sultan's autocratic regime, no one is beyond suspicion.


There will be an official announcement of all the new Sea Lion Press books at some point, but in the meantime, SLP's new short story collection Fight them on the Beaches -- themed around, of course, Operation Sea Lion itself -- is now available on Amazon.


Among many other writers who will be known to you, the collection includes a story by me entitled Die Seeloewe-Kontroverse, which looks at what the 2010s might look like in a world where Operation Sea Lion was attempted, failed and Hitler was assassinated in its aftermath.
not sure if it was mentioned in this thread before, but... I just picked up a book title "River of Teeth" by Sarah Gailey. The POD is an obscure one... the idea way back when of introducing hippos to the Mississippi basin. In this story, someone apparently did, and they have become monstrous pests and dangers to life and limb for many. The book is about a team of hunters who is going to take them on, it seems. I'm going to read it on the plane Friday.
My sixth and final book in the Lone Star Reloaded series was released on Amazon today.

Here's the blurb: Stranded in the past in 1836, Will Travers woke up in the body of William Barret Travis, commander of the doomed Alamo command, and did what any self-respecting Texan would do when handed a bag of lemons: He made lemonade - defeating Santa Anna's army, twice, forging a lasting peace with the Comanche and rescuing his son from a band of kidnappers.

Sixteen years later and just months after he wins the presidency of the Republic of Texas, Will faces the worst crisis of his life. The young republic is being torn apart by civil war. On paper, it appears Will holds all the cards: The rebels are outnumbered, outgunned and outgeneraled. There’s only one problem. To the east, a desperate foe is rising, and like a hurricane, a filibustering expedition from the South threatens to sweep away everything that Will has worked to build.
New book from Robert Harris called The Second Sleep exploring a world post the collapse of our civilisation.


I picked this up and inhaled it last Sunday in a single reading. Gripping, page turning and well written. Enjoyed it.

I have some quibbles over some choices made in the narrative, but that's into spoiler territory.

Minor Spoilers: I don't give away the ending, but react to some of it:

You never do find out what made the civilization collapse. There are five choices presented, with one of the characters leaning towards one of them, but nothing definitive. Also, the final "twist" lacks the shock Robert Harris may have intended. As in, I just went "okay," when it is discovered.