The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

Can anyone help?
I am trying to put together a small run of base-maps with the correct river courses and coastlines;-
This is my WIP of 1AD

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My question is, does anyone have any patches for coastline or river changes over the years.
I've done the Caspian and Aral seas, found the patch for the Netherlands and am working on Chinese rivers and coasts.

If not patches, does anyone have any data on areas that have changed [eg Rann of Kutch or the Wash].
I'm not intending to go any further back than 1,000BC so not paeleological changes.

I thank you in anticipation of any patches, maps, links or data you can provide.
So it does not clog up this thread, can you post to my data collection thread;- Historically adjusted Q-BAMs
FYI the basemap for this is incredibly outdated
Here it is.

Hey Drex, noticed whilst adapting my rivers for this map that some of the coastlines do not match the coastline colour [the biggest example is Eastern Australia].
At least 3 different blacks seem to have been used [Borders, Coasts and the outer Frame].
For my own purposes I have re-created them in a single colour & this is for you so you can do the same if you choose [doesn't have to be red];
What do you think about creating a Biome/Ecoregion map. With Ecoregions in the same Biome mapped with similar colours.

I actually think that's a great idea for a Q-BAM map. Especially if we use the ecoregions as defined on One Earth's website as a template. I'd take a more active role in doing that if I knew how to align their exact ecoregions to the Q-Bam map especially due to all of the maps that they use on their site being JPEGs compared to the PNGs used for the Q-BAM map . The most I can do at the moment is provide this link to their general bioregions overview page for more detail into the specific bioregions that could be used in the map due to my lack of knowledge on that front.