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  • I want to wish you a happy birthday. is full of copypasted birthday messages, that people don't even read and just forward to other posters. I don't like that. I like to write i deeply wish and what comes from my heart. Our friendship is a most deep one and will never be represented by a simple copied message. This being said I need to thank you. You are the best hockey player i've ever played with. A big hug
  • Kayin Dreemurr

    Kayin Dreemurr

  • Your prior statements regarding how feedback is like mana from the heavens for writers is truer then I knew :p just getting seven five comments over the course of an hour after putting it up made me steam ahead and write the next chapter with 3.4k words =3

    Now do you know any good ways to poke people into giving feedback without being rude about it? :p
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