The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

Here's the situation in Ukraine as of November 1st, 2022 for the GCS map.

Ukraine (November 1st, 2022).png
Could you do a map of the Mongol Empire at its height and its division into four Mongol state?
How about both in one map (I tried to make it as anachronistic as possible)
Great Mongol State OTL.png

  1. Northern border, internals, and Asia Minor vassal borders from POGKPP
  2. Southeast Asia borders from The Dragon Historian
  3. Russian principalities from Cyowari
  4. Siberia based on Pow (2018)
Made using MS Paint (drawing) and Photopea (warping borders to fit WorldA projection)
Different request mainly for the Indian users of this site: does anyone has a WorldA of the kingdoms of India at the time of the Mahabharata?