The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

Well, Putin just signed the documents and new regions became part of Russia. In this regard, I made my map of Russia on 30.09.2022

Ultraworlda Modern RF 2022.png
Upadate: Kherson and Zaporozhye will remain as Oblasts and i noticed that Kherson military administration had annexed Snegiryovka town from Nikolayev oblast on 21 september.
Ultraworlda Modern RF 2022.png
Does anyone has a WorldA patch of the Indo-Greek Kingdom on its largest extent?

Edit: I would also appreciate one of the tribes of Arabia.
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Anyone have a link to the basemap with the navy outlines around the coasts? Searches haven't turned anything up for me.
EDIT: Never mind, found the map I was looking for a few pages back!
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2022 de-facto Russian administrative subdivisions and sphere of influence made for a request of a map visualizing the different division types. Mostly based on the map above.
Includes Federal Districts since while they are formally not defined by the Russian constitution, they are informally used comparably extensively for top-down measures by the federal government.
Also, patches for the ongoing war, in case anyone can make use of them. If they're too problematic I can remove them, they were mostly a gimmick for the request anyways.
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I don't think either had WorldA scale subdivisions to begin with. They're quite small in both cases
Why are the "Autonomous" Okrugs of Russia colored with a darker shade, instead of a lighter one like the other de-jure autonomous republics?, shouldn't they have the lightest color to symbolize that they are an Autonomous region that belongs to Autonomous region? I asked this elsewhere, but no one could reply this to me so far.

Edit: I was already replied about why Chinese municipalities have darker colors (they are directly administered by the Communist Party), now I am just waiting for Russia.
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Thanks, but I have already found a WorldA map of 1983DD and I have been gradually updating it, I want an up-to-date map of 1983DD if it exists, specifically to see all of the current nations on it, I should also say that although I do not like sharing my own personal maps, I have been doing an overhaul and update of LouistheFox's 1983DD map on his DeviantArt, I will post it here when I am done, and also on my never-used DeviantArt account to put it to some use, if LouistheFox permits me.

Just in case, here is the full-resolution map by LouistheFox that I am currently updating, I am currently adding nations that do not appear on it, Hadaril's ocean and meridians, administrative subdivisions, and painting all countries, I hope that I am allowed to post the old map I am modifying right now:
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That said, I do not know when I will finish this 1983DD map in question, since I only work on it when I feel like it, and I am distracted with a lot of other things, so do not keep waiting for it cause I am not promising anything, but when/if I post it, I will make sure that everyone knows about it, since I did not make it and it is not my creation, it is just a modification and update of LouistheFox's map.

Also since 1983DD is an internet collab project it is very inconsistent, so I am biased in only adding stuff that I personally think looks aesthetically pleasant, but might make no sense or be outdated to the timeline itself.
You are permitted to use it. I do not mind. Sorry for a one month reply later.

a (probably not that correct, at least in the caribbean) path for north america in 1788 (dark dark blue's states that haven't ratified yet)